Big Brother feud continues as Janelle Pierzina says Dr. Will Kirby is ‘terrified’ and ‘acted like a creep’

Janelle BB14 Photo
Janelle Pierzina played Big Brother four times. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

A feud between Big Brother legends is still going after Janelle Pierzina responded to barbs from Dr. Will Kirby.

Will had a guest appearance to host a challenge on a new episode of The Traitors 2. In a new interview, Will shared his thoughts about fellow Big Brother alums who have played on The Traitors.

“See, I think some Big Brother players went on The Traitors to show that they ‘still got it’ — only to realize that they actually ‘never had it,'” Will said of Janelle, Rachel Reilly, Cody Calafiore, and Dan Gheesling.

“Kind of strange to consider, but it is possible that we never see any of them on our televisions ever again. The reunion show might end up serving as their wake,” Will added.

Janelle and Dan appeared on The Traitors 2, while Cody and Rachel played on the first season. The quartet was eliminated before the final episodes of their respective seasons.

“Ugggghhhh will isn’t even brave enough to go on – he knows he doesn’t have it ….. like seriously he couldn’t even handle it at all – don’t @ us who try – sit there and couch judgeing – please he’s overrated,” Rachel posted after reading Will’s comments.

Janelle Pierzina responds to comments from Dr. Will Kirby

“Says someone who is terrified of participating in another show because they know they’ll be the first out,” Janelle posted.

“At least me Cody, Dan and Rachel put ourselves out there for the fans. All you’ve done is showed up on set in a bathrobe and acted like a creep,” Janelle added.

When a fan suggested that Will doesn’t compete on shows due to his wealth, Janelle quickly pointed out that she is doing well financially.

Janelle stated that she does reality television as her hobby and has a very successful business to provide her family with income.

Janelle Tweet About Will
Janelle didn’t like what Will said. Pic credit: @JanellePierzina/X

A feud over The Traitors

Indeed, the four people from Big Brother who have played The Traitors have not done well. They were entertaining on the show, but Rachel, Janelle, and Dan became big targets due to how they played the game.

It’s possible that the Big Brother legends were targets before the game even began because they each have reputations for playing the game hard.

Peacock already ordered The Traitors 3 for next winter. This means more Big Brother alums could get invites to Scotland.

Dan Gheesling also named two Big Brother folks he wants to see on The Traitors 3. He spoke about it during his exit interview from The Traitors 2 and has some good ideas.

As for the ongoing feud between Big Brother players, it will likely continue if Will decides to respond to Rachel calling him “overrated” and Janelle saying he was acting “like a creep.”

The social media post below suggests some Big Brother fans are here for it.

Previous episodes of Big Brother are available for streaming on Paramount+. And episodes of The Traitors seasons are streaming on Peacock.

Big Brother returns in Summer 2024 on CBS. The Traitors 2 airs Thursday at 6 p.m. PT / 9 p.m. ET on Peacock.

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