When is the Below Deck Down Under Season 2 finale?

Joao Franco on Below Deck Down Under Season 2
The end of Below Deck Down Under is near. Pic credit: Bravo

When is the Below Deck Down Under Season 2 finale? That’s the question on fans’ minds after Captain Jason Chambers mentioned to the crew the charter season had passed the halfway point last night.

It’s been one wild ride for the Northern Sun crew, that’s for sure.

Luke Jones and Laura Bileskalne getting fired for near sexual assaults rocked the crew while also earning mad props for Captain Jason and Aesha Scott.

Two new crew members, Joao Franco and Jaimee Neale, came in and immediately shook things up for the crew.

With back-to-back episodes airing every Monday night, Season 2 of Below Deck Down Under has flown by so fast.

That means the end is near, so let’s take a look at when the finale will hit Bravo airwaves.

When is the Below Deck Down Under Season 2 finale?

Episodes 10 and 11 of Below Deck Down Under aired last night on Bravo. According to a Redditt thread, the season has 18 episodes meaning there are seven episodes left in the season.

Based on Bravo’s double stack of the hit yachting show, the Below Deck Down Under Season 2 finale will air on Monday, September 18. A reunion show should immediately follow the finale.

However, as of this writing, a reunion has not been confirmed. Season 1 of Below Deck Down Under didn’t have a reunion, and no explanation was given.

The current season has had way more drama with a lot more to talk about than Season 1, so hopefully, a reunion show will happen, even if it has to be virtual.

What can fans expect from the rest of Below Deck Down Under?

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, another crew member gets fired before the season ends, and a newbie joins the team.

The fallout of Culver Bradbury and Jaimee hooking up continues to impact their working relationship with chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph. Speaking of crew love drama, fans can expect more of that ahead on Below Deck Down Under Season 2.

Joao and Margot Sisson could be seen making out in the mid-season trailer. The rumor mill’s buzzing that Joao and Tzarina also have a little thing this season, even though he hooked up with her friend.

Plenty of over-the-top charter guests are coming up, as well as a serious medical emergency involving one of the guests.

Last but by no means least, a few more crew members will earn Captain Jason’s coveted disco ball helmet.

Are you ready for Below Deck Down Under Season 2 to end?

Below Deck Down Under airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Season 1 is streaming on Peacock.

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