Below Deck Down Under fans call out Jaimee for breaking ‘girl code’ after hooking up with Culver

Jaimee Neale on Below Deck Down Under
Jaimee is under fire for her Below Deck Down Under behavior. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Under star Jaimee Neale has been called out for breaking “girl code” after she hooked up with Culver Bradbury on her first crew night out.

Jaimee came in mid-season to replace fired crew member Laura Bileskalne.

The newbie made waves immediately when she set her sights on Culver, who had been flirting with chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph.

Following Jaimee hooking up with Culver in his shower, Jaimee tried to smooth things over with Tzarina, but the chef wasn’t having it.

Honestly, neither Culver nor Jaimee seemed to regret their actions other than having Tzarina mad at them.

Now the stew’s taking some heat from Below Deck Down Under fans amid her on-screen love drama.

Jaimee Neale called out for breaking ‘girl code’ on Below Deck Down Under

Twitter was on fire last night during the back-to-back episodes of Below Deck Down Under Season 2.

The hook-up between Jaimee and Culver was one hot topic, with several users blasting her for going after Culver when she knew that Tzarina had a thing with him.

“Jaime broke the girl code the VERY first crew night out, and that tells you all you need to know about her. Just an awful person,” read one tweet.

Another wondered what happened to girl code, while a different one declared that Jaimee should have gotten Captain Jason Chambers’ iconic disco ball helmet. There was even a user who insisted Jaimee was “annoying af.”

Below Deck Down Under girl code tweets
Pic credit: @TrishaHarriso20/@jaxbra/@AvidlyWatching/@typicalsavage27/Twitter

“Tzarina is mad at YOU, Jaimee, because she expressed an interest in him to your face and said “off limits.” YOU persued him anyway. He didn’t come after you,” said a tweet.

Below Deck Down Under fans sound off on Jaimee Neale

Jaimee wasn’t just slammed for breaking girl code, either.

Several of her comments on the show were put on blast on Twitter with the stews words being used against her.

Jaimee Nele quotes on Twitter
Pic credit: @_mayapapays_/@gossipgirlX0211/@here_for_bravo/Twitter

“Jaimee on the boat 24 hours: ‘If I have a crush, all bets are off.’ Me watching her for 1 hour: ‘Jaimee is an immature, self-involved, narcissistic slag,’ was one tweet.

Another commented on how Jaimee said she hates making things awkward but yet literally made things on the luxury yacht awkward by her actions with Culver.

One tweet made it clear that Jaimee was fake.

Oh yes, Below Deck Down Under fans are not happy with Jaimee Neale. There’s still plenty of Season 2 of Below Deck Down Under left to play out, including, as Monsters and Critics previously reported another crew firing.

Will Jaimee be able to change fans’ minds about her? Keep watching the hit-yachting show to find out.

Below Deck Down Under airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Season 1 is streaming on Peacock.

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9 months ago

Jamie’s arrival almost looks staged by Bravo. There really wasn’t any sticky boatmance/drama so they had to make one for the ratings!