Does another crew member get fired on Below Deck Down Under Season 2?

Captain Jason Chambers on Below Deck Season 2
Captain Jason may not be done getting rid of people on Below Deck Down Under. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Down Under has been on fire for Season 2, including two crew members being fired for inappropriate behavior.

Laura Bileskalne and Luke Jones were fired last week following two powerful episodes that involved near sexual assaults and producers breaking the fourth wall.

It was a shocker to see two crew members fired so close together, but Captain Jason Chambers took the sexual misconduct incidents very seriously.

Since then, Joao Franco from Below Deck Med joined the show taking over the deck team, and Jaimee Neale took over the second stew role.

Those are not the last crew changes coming to Below Deck Down Under Season 2.

Let’s take a look at what we know.

Does another crew member get fired on Below Deck Down Under Season 2?

According to online reports, at least one more person gets fired from Below Deck Down Under. Based on a Reddit thread, there are 18 episodes this season, with Episodes 10 and 11 airing next week on Monday, August 21.

Based on the midseason trailer, the options for the next crew member to get fired are stew Margot Sisson and deckhand Adam Kodra.

Margot was seen drinking during charter a couple of times in the midseason trailer, and Captain Jason Chambers gives her a lecture that’s not acceptable. Although Captain Jason, in a confessional, says, “It’s a fireable offense,” it’s not clear in the footage if he’s referring to Margot.

Adam also faces a very serious and dangerous mishap involving the anchor in the promo. The deckhand isn’t vibing with the second officer Joao and even hints they may fight in the trailer.

Despite both options, the rumor mill is buzzing that Adam’s next to go, and Luka Keoni comes in to replace him. Luka follows several of the Below Deck Down Under crew members, including Adam, Luke, and Captain Jason on Instagram.

Side note, Adam has not promoted his Below Deck Down Under stint at all, adding fuel to the fire that he’s the next one to get axed.

What else can Below Deck Down Under fans expect from Season 2?

There’s no question that Season 2 of Below Deck Down Under has been quite entertaining and drama-filled. That won’t change throughout the rest of the season, especially as the deck team rallies against Joao.

Jaimee violates girl code with chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph when the stew hooks up with Culver Bradbury. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, fans blasted Culver for kissing Jaimee, considering his flirty ways with the chef.

Things are going to go from bad to worse for Culver, too, as he finds himself in a love triangle with the two women. Margot also continues to have a thing for Harry van Vliet, but Joao also catches her eye, landing the stew in another love triangle.

Those are just a few teasers, so keep watching so not a moment of the juicy entertainment is missed.

Below Deck Down Under airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Season 1 is streaming on Peacock.

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