Aesha Scott reveals what Below Deck Down Under fans didn’t see during the two sexual misconduct incidents

Aesha Scott on Below Deck Down Under
Aesha has more to say about the Below Deck Down Under consent scandal. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Down Under star Aesha Scott has opened up about what didn’t air during the Luke Jones and Laura Bileskalne sexual misconduct incidents that led to them being fired.

Captain Jason Chambers fired Luke and Laura after incidents where they hopped into bed with drunk crew members, despite being told no.

Aesha played a pivotal role in both incidents, especially when it came to sensing something was not right with how Luke was interacting with drunk Margot on the van ride home.

The incident rocked the Below Deck world, with many stars speaking out on the subject.

Margot, who naked Luke jumped in bed with, issued messages to her crewmembers as well as opened up about the incident and how she’s been healing over the past year and a half.

This week, Aesha shared even more about the night.

What didn’t fans see during Luke Jones’ sexual misconduct incident on Below Deck Down Under?

Speaking with the Los Angeles Times, Aesha was weary about doing the interview because she didn’t want to feel like she was exploiting a very serious situation.

A victim of sexual assault, Aesha admitted that her radar was on high alert with Luke that night.

The chief stew explained that since the show has to be cut down to a small amount of time, what Below Deck Down Under fans don’t know, because of episode timing, was how long Aesha stayed by Margot’s side in the cabin.

“For timing’s sake, they had to cut it down, so it doesn’t show quite how long I spent just lying in her cabin to make sure that she was OK. Then I remember the power went out when I was standing at the microwave waiting for my noodles to be finished,” she expressed.

The timing had the chief stew feeling like a failure, which we all know she was not.

“And I heard the producers run past, and it just made me so upset, because I’d spent so much time with Margot and her cabin, trying to make sure that she was OK, and it felt like after all that effort, I’d failed. I really felt upset,” Aesha said to the newspaper.

Aesha Scott opened up about Laura Bileskalne moments Below Deck Down Under fans missed

When it came to Laura, Aesha recalled that she had no idea what was happening with Laura and deckhand Adam Kodra.

The chief stew also shared that once she learned about Laura’s actions, Aesha had a talk with her too.

“They couldn’t include a part where I did actually have a conversation with Laura about pulling back a bit [with Adam]; that it goes both ways, and she needs to stop being so inappropriate with Adam, So to watch it and see just how far she was pushing it, that was really shocking to me as well,” Aesha spilled to the LA Times.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Laura stands by her actions and Luke’s behavior, even blaming reality TV for editing their actions a certain way.

There’s still plenty of Below Deck Down Under Season 2 to play out. Below Deck Med alum Joao Franco joined the crew, replacing Luke, and Jaimee Neale came aboard the Northern Sun as second stew replacing Laura.

It didn’t take long for Joao or Jaimee to make waves on the yacht. Deckhand Culver Bradbury had Below Deck Down Under fans blasting him for kissing Jaimee, even though he and chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph had been flirting a lot.

Oh yes, the drama’s far from over on the Below Deck spin-off.

Below Deck Down Under airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Season 1 is streaming on Peacock.

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Adam Zanck
Adam Zanck
9 months ago

I know there’s editing involved, but sorry Laura, you’re not representing young women well, I recognize your cultural differences to what I know, but in this situation… WOW… pretty oblivious to Margots situation. Would you appreciate a naked ACQUAINTANCE jumping into bed with you while you’re passed out??? If so, I can’t imagine what those cultural differences are.