Below Deck Down Under: Luke Jones’ girlfriend defends him as he remains silent

Luke Jones Below Deck Down Under
Luke has one person on his side amid the Below Deck Down Under drama. Pic credit: Bravo

Luke Jones from Below Deck Down Under has become one of the most hated people in the Bravoverse.

The bosun took the reins from Tom Sandoval this week, which wasn’t easy considering Scandoval.

Luke’s predatory behavior played out on Below Deck Down Under, with producers stepping in to stop him from assaulting a passed-out Margot Sisson.

The fallout of his actions has made Luke, and stew Laura Bileskalne, who tried to assault a sleeping Adam, enemy number one on Bravo.

Below Deck Down Under fans dragged both of them after the recent episodes, where Laura disagreed with Luke getting fired and got fired herself for her behavior.

It turns out there’s one person on Luke’s side, though. His girlfriend’s reason behind his actions is really mind-blowing.

Below Deck Down Under star Luke Jones’ girlfriend defends his actions

Fitness trainer Diana Maldonado shared an Instagram Story of her with Luke. An eagle-eyed Below Deck Down Under fan replied to the story, writing, “The fact your with this man shows you condone his behavior of him being a predator.”

Diana clapped back to defend her man, saying, “Girl he was acting , it’s a tv show it’s not real life.”

The response didn’t make sense at all because, acting or not, what Luke did was attempted assault, which is never ever okay.

“Acting?! He got into bed with a woman who was drunk?!” replied the fan.

Instagram account @bravoandcocktails_ captured the exchange with a caption letting people know Luke’s girlfriend thinks he was just acting.

Although Diana shared a picture of her and Luke to her IG Stories, she does not have any of them together, so it’s unclear how long they have been in a relationship.

Luke does follow her, and he’s the only Below Deck Down Under star that does follow her.

Diana has shared a video promoting an upcoming project Luke’s involved in. They can be seen getting cozy in the footage.

Speaking of Luke, he’s been very quiet since the Below Deck Down Under episodes hit Bravo airwaves.

Luke Jones remains silent after Below Deck Down Under sexual misconduct incident

Ahead of the traumatic episodes, Luke shared an Instagram post that did not do him any favors.

The post was a thirst trap with Luke showing off his abs, and the caption spoke volumes in light of the Below Deck Down Under episodes.

 “It doesn’t Matter what they think about you because you don’t Care. Everything we Hear is an Opinion, Not a Fact. Everything we see is a Perspective. Not the Truth. Take Ownership and move Forward,” was the caption on Luke’s IG post.

It’s ironic that Luke said to take ownership when he has not yet done that. The Instagram post has since been deleted from his feed.

Luke also used Instagram Stories to share a cryptic message with no words, just a little black design, if that’s even what it should be called.

Luke Jones Instagram Story
Luke shares a cryptic Instagram Story. Pic credit: @lukebonesjones/Instagram

Although Luke Jones’ girlfriend stood up for him, several Below Deck stars have spoken out on the sexual misconduct incident with a very different opinion.

Laura has spoken out since her firing. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, she came out with a message for all the haters. The stew also issued an apology to Adam and Margot.

Below Deck Down Under airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Season 1 is streaming on Peacock.

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