Below Deck Down Under’s Laura issues apology to Margot and Adam

Laura has a brief message about her Below Deck Down Under behavior. Pic credit: Bravo

Laura Bileskalne has issued an apology to her Below Deck Down Under Season 2 crew members Margot Sisson and Adam Kodra following her firing.

The stew was fired by Captain Jason Chambers after she kept pushing boundaries with Adam, who told her many times he just wasn’t that into her.

Laura was also axed for defending bosun Luke Jones’ disgusting behavior toward Margot while he was drunk.

In true Laura fashion, she was insensitive to Margot while calling out Captain Jason for firing Luke without a warning.

There was no excuse for her behavior, and Captain Jason wasn’t here for it either.

Following the back-to-back episodes, Laura took to Instagram to share her version of an apology.

Laura Bileskalne issues apology to Margot Sisson and Adam Kodra

In her IG post that featured two pictures, Laura was brief and to the point with her message.

“My sincere apologies to Adam, I did not realize I made him feel uncomfortable and no one should be put in that position. And to Margot to not been able to empathize. I was 29 when the show was filmed, 30 was my life-changer. I am 31 now and I am watching it as all of you, an entertainment show,” read her caption.

Laura’s message was fitting of her and her personality, based on what Below Deck Down Under viewers have witnessed on the show.

However, the pictures she chose to accompany speak volumes. The first was of Laura walking with her back to the camera in a paradise-like location, which was fine and kind of gave off the feeling of growth.

It was the second pic, though, Laura opted to use a picture of her and Luke smiling in her apology.

Laura's IG apology
Laura apologized to Adam and Margot. Pic credit: @lbilene/Instagram

Laura has set her Instagram account to private and turned off the comments section on all of her Instagram posts.

Will Laura Bileskalne attend the Below Deck Down Under season 2 reunion?

The recent events unfolding on Below Deck Down Under Season 2 surrounding Laura have brought up the question of whether the stew will show up for the reunion.

Although a Season 2 reunion show has yet to be confirmed, there’s already speculation that Laura will opt out of the event. In the past, fired crew members have come back to face the music at the end of the season cast gathering.

Laura, though, gives off Below Deck Med Season 5 Lara Flumiani vibes, which means no need to explain her actions, so it would be surprising if she shows up.

The answer to that question will be coming soon because the mid-season trailer has already dropped, so filming the reunion should happen in the next few weeks.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Laura has been called out by fans before, so the response to her apology should be interesting.

Below Deck Down Under airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Season 1 is airing on Peacock.

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Linda Abrahams
Linda Abrahams
8 months ago

Absolutely disgraceful behaviour on her part. Captain Jason did the right thing to remove her from post. Laura was not a team player

8 months ago

29 years is old enough to know better, you are grown woman so don’t give us that bs of excuse!