Below Deck Down Under fans blast ‘trashy’ Laura and her bad attitude

Laura Bileskalne on Below Deck Down Under Season 2
Laura has Below Deck Down Under fans outraged. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Down Under fans are over stew Laura Bileskalne and the season has only just begun.

Season 2 has turned out to be quite a different vibe than the first season of the Below Deck spinoff.

The newbies on the Northern Sun crew are bringing the drama, especially when it comes to hookups.

A couple of crew members, like Laura and bosun Luke Jones, are not making the best impression on fans.

Last week, Below Deck Down Under fans sounded off on the bosun for kissing stew Margot Sisson.

After this week’s back-to-back episodes, Laura has viewers outraged over her attitude.

Below Deck Down Under fans sound off on ‘trashy’ Laura Bileskalne

Twitter has been on fire talking about Laura and her behavior on Below Deck Down Under.

“Laura is trashy. This episode really showed it. I hope Asha and Cap fire her be this is nuts. I need to see Asha’s ‘I won’t put up with this’ attitude that she said she had Episode1. #BelowDeckDownUnder,” read one tweet.

Another called Laura a clinger and blasted her for drinking while working. The user also took aim at deckhand Adam Lukasiewicz.

Laura called out by BDU fans
Pic credit: @Midnight_Karma_/@Jenna57989320/Twitter

Others wasted no time referring to the stew as “lazy” and “embarrassing.” Laura chugging the wine at work was brought up again.

Laura blasted for being lazy
Pic credit: @_krisye/@SkyLyf3/@VonNightHawk/Twitter

Laura taking forever to get ready and making the entire crew late for dinner was brought up too.

There was one that remarked Laura looks no different after taking hours to get ready for pretty much anything.

The stew irritated one user because of her know-it-all attitude, and we have to agree.

“the whole Margot, Laura, Luke thing is the biggest ‘only liking someone when you see them with someone else’ i’ve ever seen lol,” said a tweet.

What really had Below Deck Down Under viewers sounding off was Laura’s attitude toward chief stew Aesha Scott.

Below Deck Down Under fans blast Laura Bileskalne over Aesha Scott treatment

Twitter didn’t hold back in calling out Laura for things she’s said and done to Aesha.

One user simply said Laura was annoying with her little digs at Aesha all the time.

Another referenced Laura declaring she didn’t trust Aesha’s beach setup as much as her own.

In the preview for next week’s episodes of Below Deck Down Under, Laura suggests that Aesha do the night shift so she can get a break from them. Twitter had a lot to say about that interaction.

Aesha did get props, though, saying what everyone thought when it came to Laura.

There’s no question that Laura Bileskalne probably won’t last for all of Below Deck Down Under Season 2. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, someone gets fired, and she’s at the top of the list.

What do you think of Laura?

Below Deck Down Under airs at 9/7c on Bravo. Season 1 is currently streaming on Peacock.

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10 months ago

Laura needs a good ass whooping! I wish I could get into the TV.

10 months ago

Laura needs to be fired!! She is nothing but rude to her superior! Every time I see her I cringe!!!!