What rules do Below Deck charter guests have to follow? Here’s what we know

Below Deck charter guest have rules to follow to be on the show.
Below Deck cast members aren’t the only ones who have to adhere to some guidelines while filming. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck charter guests have rules to follow just like the crew members do on the hit yachting franchise.

The guests, of course, have an entirely different set of guidelines than the cast members. Although, in general, the rule of thumb is that charter guests can do whatever they want, within the legal limits, that’s not the case on Below Deck.

Fans do know that drunk night swimming was a rule that couldn’t be broken on Captain Lee Rosbach’s watch. Delores Flora found that the hard way when she was given a one-way ticket home for not listening to him.

Safety is the number one rule all guests must adhere to. Also, respect for the crew and production team is a must. The show likes demanding and over-the-top guests for entertainment purposes, but that doesn’t mean being disrespectful.

Below Deck charter guest shoes, music, and respect

Terez Lauren and her husband, Lee Percenti were the first charter guests on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6. They chatted with Another Below Deck Podcast and revealed that guests cannot play music on the show.

“We had one song for the wedding that we paid for. For the rest of the night, I thought they were gonna make us look weird because we’d go in our room and shut the door. We’d open it and be like, ‘Hey, we’d like eight espresso martinis. Thanks.’ Shut the door. And go back to the dance party,” Lee spilled on the podcast.

The reason is pretty clear. All television shows have to license music, so having a guest simply play a song can cost Below Deck money.

Another rule, which should not surprise fans, is that guests are not allowed to wear shoes anywhere on the yacht except their cabins. Below Deck Sailing Yacht features the guests putting their shoes in a basket ahead of boarding the vessel.

Below Deck charter no talking rules

Cast members on Below Deck are not allowed to speak to production, but it’s been revealed that rule isn’t always followed.

Chef Mathew Shea punched a camera while yelling at production when he quit Below Deck Med Season 6 for the second time. Ashling Lorger recently spilled Rachel Hargrove was foul to production during Below Deck Season 8.

Below Deck charter guests are not allowed to speak to the production team either. Not breaking the fourth wall is vital to the yachting series success.

Breaking the fourth wall is the reason why charter guests can’t say “Bravo” ever on the show. Yes, that’s right, the network’s name is not allowed to be uttered at all.

These rules apply to guests appearing on Below Deck, Below Deck Mediterranean, and Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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