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What happens on Big Brother tonight?

Ameerah BB24 Episode
Ameerah Jones is a member of the Big Brother 2022 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Questions about what happens on Big Brother tonight are expected, especially after the show’s last episode ended on a cliffhanger.

The July 27 episode of Big Brother 24 revolved around a huge blindside plan that Head of Household Matt Turner was working on with a newly-formed alliance.

That new alliance on BB24 is called The Leftovers, a group of people who have decided to move away from the narrative that Taylor Hale is the biggest threat in the game’s history.

There was a lot of drama on that episode, including Nicole Layog concocting a plan to play in the Veto Competition with her partner (Taylor) and do everything she could to throw the challenge. She wanted to lose on purpose to get Taylor on the block.

It might have been an odd development for some Big Brother viewers to watch, because right after Nicole planned to quit on a challenge and quit on her duo partner, Nicole got mad at Taylor for telling her it was okay to quit the game.

Brittany Hoopes and Michael Bruner were shown winning the Veto Competition, setting up a scenario where they could take themselves off the block at the Veto Meeting. But that’s also where the episode came to an end.

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