What happened to Victoria F on The Bachelor?

Victoria F
What happened to Victoria F on The Bachelor? Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor started out last night with the two final dates with Hannah Ann and Madison Prewett. And if you missed last week’s Women Tell All special, you’ll have missed Victoria F’s exit on the show — but here’s a recap of what happened.

The Women Tell All special started with a rose ceremony that took place after the overnight dates.

Here, Victoria was eliminated so Peter could pursue his two remaining relationships.

She appeared on The Women Tell All special and shared her experiences with Peter.

The two also had a talk about their relationship on stage.

Victoria F was eliminated after overnight date

Fans were quick to joke that Victoria was eliminated after the overnight date because Peter had sex with her. He got what he wanted from her and then kicked her to the curb.

After the episode aired, Victoria posted a lengthy message on Instagram where she opened up about how she felt after being sent home.

Interestingly, she thanked Peter for showing her real kindness after she had been accused of being a homewrecker during filming.

This isn’t the first time that Victoria has used Instagram to share her feelings. Before the show started airing, she posted a message saying that bullying was not okay.

Victoria F’s personal drama may have played a role

While Peter was filming his season, his ex-girlfriend Merissa Pence dropped by and she took him aside to warn him about what she knew about Victoria.

Her face was blurred and all of the details were not shared, but she later spoke out publicly to tabloids, where she claimed that Victoria had been responsible for breaking up four marriages.

During the Women Tell All special, Victoria was asked about the allegations, but she denied them all.

Peter didn’t open up about why he decided to send her home, but the two struggled with their communication. Peter couldn’t see them getting engaged and so ended their relationship.

Usually when ABC is picking their next Bachelorette, they go for someone in the top three. But this year, that didn’t happen. Many viewers speculated that Victoria was not considered due to the way she had acted on the show and the rumors about her.

On the Women Tell All special, Victoria thanked Peter for being there for her and she apologized for the way she acted on the show.

The Bachelor concludes tonight, Tuesday, March 10, at 8/7c on ABC.

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