Bachelor viewers are thrilled that Victoria F is finally gone after brief rose ceremony

Victoria F
Victoria F was finally eliminated from The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

It was time for Victoria Fuller to face the music.

Peter Weber was down to his final three women on tonight’s episode and before the Women Tell All special began, he sent home another woman.

And that woman was Victoria F.

Peter is down to two women, as Madison decided to join Hannah Ann on the show after threatening to leave.

Victoria F was finally eliminated

When Victoria F was eliminated, she was sad and shocked. But Bachelor Nation erupted in a cheer on Twitter, as it has been a long time coming.

For weeks, Peter continued to keep Victoria around, even though they continued to argue and fight. He defended his decision, saying that they had a great connection. However, it is clear that viewers thought he was wasting his time.


And this is long before all the stories would come out about Victoria.

Victoria F had a hot-seat interview on the Women Tell All

During tonight’s Women Tell All special, Victoria had a brief interview in the hot seat. While much of the conversation was about Peter, Chris did touch on the rumors that she had broken up marriages.

And fans were excited to see her finally address these stories about her that had been playing out in the media — all while she stayed silent on social media.

Chris Harrison didn’t go into detail about the rumors, but he did ask her to verify whether they were true. While Victoria F has previously denied breaking up marriages, it’s clear that Chris wanted to ask her directly if the rumors were true.

While filming, Peter was confronted by an ex-girlfriend while on a date with Victoria. Production filmed a conversation with Peter and his ex-girlfriend, Merissa Pence. Her face was blurred out, but spoilers revealed that she wanted to warn Peter about Victoria, as she knows Victoria personally.

Merissa would later reveal that Victoria is reportedly responsible for breaking up four marriages in her hometown. At the time, she argued that she felt a need to speak out on behalf of the women who were hurt by Victoria’s actions.

None of those women came forward during filming to publicly label or shame Victoria for what she had allegedly done.

Peter didn’t comment on the rumors during the Women Tell All, as Chris encouraged them to talk about their emotional relationship.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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