The Bachelor Women Tell All spoilers: Victoria denies breaking up marriages [Spoilers]

Victoria Fuller will deny everything about her on the Women Tell All. Pic credit: ABC

Victoria Fuller quickly became the villain on this season of The Bachelor.

Victoria is confident, and she knows what she wants, but she still had an edge that the other girls had to deal with.

Even though she mocked the other girls’ emotional state throughout filming, she had a few breakdowns herself.

And during a three-on-one date, she broke down before she made it to the car, even though Peter was keeping her around.

But there is so much drama surrounding Victoria never mentioned on the show. In fact, most of the information would come as her relationship with Peter played out on the small screen.

Victoria Fuller is in the hot seat

It’s unknown how production is going to approach everything on the Women Tell All special, but Victoria is there to defend herself.

Reality Steve reveals that Victoria was asked to take a seat on stage to answer some tough questions. She reportedly apologized to Peter for the way she acted on the show.

She was asked twice about the cheating allegations, but she denied them both times.

It’s uncertain whether Merissa Pence will be brought into the conversation by name. We know that she didn’t make an appearance on the show, and production didn’t want her face on the show as they blurred her out.

However, Merissa would later reveal that Victoria F was responsible for ruining four marriages. She made those statements after Victoria’s hometown date aired, but this isn’t the first time that Victoria has faced rumors about herself.

In an interesting twist, Reality Steve has revealed that he has never gotten as much negative information about a contestant as he has with Victoria F.

Victoria Fuller wasn’t the person or drama discussed

Of course, Victoria’s drama on The Bachelor wasn’t the only thing discussed on the Women Tell All.

Tammy’s behavior is also called into question, including her conversations with Tammy and Mykenna.

Chris Harrison even has to step in to tell Tammy to stop talking over people.

Alayah also had a chance to talk during the show, including her friendship with Victoria P. Since Alayah just came back to fight for Peter, she has support from the audience members.

But what she shares about Victoria P has some people turning on her, including Savannah.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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