What does The Bachelorette’s Brandon Jones’s new tattoo mean?

Michelle Young Says Goodbye to Brandon
Brandon Jones has been showing off his new tattoo representing ‘brightness even in the darkest of times.’ Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette’s Brandon Jones debuted his new tattoo, which took over 9 hours, and Bachelor nation had a lot to say about it.

Brandon revealed his sleeve-style tattoo is more than just a pretty symbol, however, and also opened up about the deep personal meaning behind his newest art.

Here’s everything to know about Brandon’s newest tattoo.

Brandon Jones debuted new tattoo of a lighthouse in a storm

Brandon showed off his striking new tattoo in his most recent Instagram post. The tattoo takes up his entire upper arm and portrays a lighthouse shining in the middle of a storm. The lighthouse is surrounded by lightning and sharp rocks, as well as backed by a city.

The light from the tower also appears as though it could represent a cross.

While The Bachelorette alum has stayed relatively quiet on his religion, he was known for wearing a cross around his neck during his time on the show.

“Brightness even in the darkest of times,” Brandon captioned the photo of himself at the beach.

His Bachelor nation friends rushed to offer their positive opinions.

“Incredible artwork!” Clayton Echard wrote. “Why does your arm look so big too?! That man has been grinding!”

Brandon Jones Instagram
Pic credit: @bmacjones/Instagram

“Yo that’s fire! [fire emoji],” Rodney Mathews wrote.

Brandon Jones Instagram
Pic credit: @bmacjones/Instagram

“Sick AF…” Mollique Johnson wrote.

Brandon Jones Instagram
Pic credit: @bmacjones/Instagram

Brandon Jones reportedly pays tribute to his grandfather with new tattoo

He seemingly hinted that the tattoo could have an even more personal interpretation with a comment he pinned on his Instagram.

“Your grandpa will be forever with you shining his light with yours,” a fan wrote.

Brandon Jones Instagram
Pic credit: @bmacjones/Instagram

Brandon previously opened up on the show about losing his grandfather in 2015 and wishing that he had been alive to meet Michelle Young during hometowns.

He posted a tribute to his late grandfather at the time with the caption, “’One day you are going to be as tall as me, but for right now you’re just my little shorty.’ Take care of best friend Lord. Rest in peace grandpa.”

The photo was a sweet shot of Brandon sitting in his grandfather’s lap as a baby.

The Bachelorette alum also posted a video documenting the grueling process of getting the tattoo to his Instagram story.

He seemed relatively unphased despite the painful process, sitting calmly in the chair while the artist began working again.

Brandon Jones INstagram
Pic credit: @bmacjones/Instagram

It’s unclear at this point if the ‘darkest of times’ also refers to Brandon’s heartbreak on The Bachelorette.

However, he appears to be moving on from his difficult time on the show, and even recently expressed his admiration for Serene Russell.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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