Wes and Malia share adorable final moment on Below Deck Mediterranean

Malia smiling at Wes on the Below Deck Mediterranean finale
Malia smiles as Wes reveals how much she mean to him on the Below Deck Med finale

Wes and Malia shared an adorable final moment on last night’s Below Deck Mediterranean finale — before heading off, as we revealed yesterday, on a future TOGETHER.

The episode saw Wes forgive Malia for having a thing with chef Adam before they joined the Sirocco, and for appearing to string them both along for much of the season.

The couple’s final moments aboard, which played out on camera, then showed just how much the pair mean to each other as they kissed and cuddled and shared their true feelings.

We revealed yesterday how their time on Below Deck Med was just the start for the two love birds — who are now officially dating and are currently sharing a romantic holiday in Wes’s home country South Africa.

As the pair shared their final conversation on board, Wes told Malia how people had warned him about dating her after her history with Adam.

He added: “It hurts sometimes and it’s hard sometimes, but at the end of the day it was my conscious decision and I stand by it.

“You just stick with what you believe, and I’ve done that.”

Malia then started to smile, as she told him: “Me too.”

She added as the pair shared a tender embrace and a kiss: “I’ll see you…soon!”

Wes told producers in an interview: “I can’t change what happened with Adam and Malia on the boat.

“I can’t change what happened to myself and Malia on the boat. But I know right now…

“She’s an amazing girl, and it will be awesome to actually be able to explore what he have further away from Sirocco.

“If it’s going to be we’ll make it happen, but if it isn’t, so be it, we had a good run.”

The couple will appear on the Watch What Happens Live: Below Deck Mediterranean reunion special next week.

The Watch What Happens Live: Below Deck Mediterranean reunion special airs next Tuesday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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