Wes and Malia are making out again behind crew’s back on Below Deck Mediterranean

Malia talking to the camera on Below Deck Mediterranean
Malia talks about making out with Wes again on this week’s Below Deck Mediterranean

Wes Walton and Malia White are back making out on Below Deck Mediterranean — just a week after she told chef Adam Glick that she wanted to distance herself from both him and Wes.

Footage from this week’s episode shows the pair locking tongues at 3am as they change shift on anchor watch aboard the Sirocco, after agreeing they need to continue their relationship by “sneaking off” behind the crew’s back.

Last week saw Wes comfort Malia after she had an awkward chat with Adam about ending their relationship.

She told Adam she thought it best if she walked away from “both” relationships.

But the tide seems to have changed this week as Wes suggests to Malia that they just need to take their relationship away from prying eyes so nobody knows it’s still going on. Malia agrees.

The pair then make out in the captain’s cockpit.

Wes tells her: “I want to pitch the idea of us…to hang out just us, away from everything. There’ll just be chilled vibes, rather than creating drama again.”

Malia says: “I think for now it’s better if we just do it…sneak off.”

Wes adds: “Just keep it chilled. Alright, just as long as you’re down with that.”

She replies: “I am.”

Wes says: “I’ll let you know where I am.”

Wes then asks her to “come here”, before the pair embrace and start making out. Malia does seem slightly embarrassed, though, that they are doing it in the captain’s cockpit.

She tells producers later: “I don’t think kissing on anchor watch was the wisest decision. I would have liked to have a different ‘setting’.”

This week’s episode also sees captain Sandy take action when Adam and chief stew Hannah Ferrier continue to clash.

Meanwhile, Hannah pulls up the crew about reading her flirty text messages to millionaire charter guest Jason Ziegler, with whom she is still in contact.

Max Hugley gets to take the boat off the dock for the first time, an influential charter broker arrives who could make or break the crew’s careers, and Wes is put in a sticky situation when he has to choose a lead deckhand.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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