Wendy Moten hints she is working on a collaboration with Blake Shelton after The Voice

Blake Shelton and Wendy Moten on The Voice
Blake Shelton and Wendy Moten on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

Blake Shelton has always been an open and generous coach on The Voice.

In Season 21, he led Wendy Moten into the finals and all the way to the final two before she fell to Girl Named Tom.

While Girl Named Tom was a frontrunner from the start, and was most people’s favorite to win the competition, Wendy had her fans too.

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What might have cost Wendy was one of two things.

First, she didn’t seem to have the same outgoing personality of the other contestants and often made it look almost too easy.

Second, Wendy had success before in the 1990s and has been a successful backup singer to some of the top touring talents of the last two decades.

She had success, and Girl Named Tom was trying to find theirs for the first time.

However, it looks like Wendy’s journey has not yet ended.

Wendy Moten hints at collaboration with Blake Shelton

Wendy Moten suffered serious injuries while performing in The Voice.

After one song, she fell over a speaker on the floor and ended up with casts on both arms, shattering one of her elbows.

She had to have surgery after The Voice finals and recover from that, but she posted on Instagram that she is ready to get back into the swing of things.

“Counting the days until I have fully recovered from my elbow surgery so I can get back to work finishing recording my new music and performing live!!!” Wendy wrote in the caption.

“I’ll most definitely keep you all posted and I hope there’s something in the works with @blakeshelton too !!! Fingers crossed !!! #thevoice #teamblake.”

Wendy likely wouldn’t have posted that if she had not already talked to Blake Shelton about the two doing something together in the future.

Wendy Moten does an Instagram Live with fans

Fans heard little more after that, as Wendy Moten was recovering from her surgery.

However, this week, Wendy did an Instagram Live with fans.

Wendy was still wearing a sling and said she was going to physical therapy three days a week and is “onto a full recovery.”

Wendy also sang a little in the Instagram Live to her fans’ excitement.

That is when Wendy brought up Blake Shelton again.

In terms of a collaboration, she said she “would love to do some stuff with Blake, whenever he’s ready.”

It sounds like the ball is now in Blake’s court, but Wendy is ready to start recording her own music again.

She said she wants her fans to tell her what kind of sound they want to hear, saying she likes to “mix it all up at the same time” and wants to know what her fans are more interested in, asking the fans to send her messages with their thoughts.

The Voice is on hiatus. The reality singing competition show will return to NBC later in 2022.

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