Watch Kim Kardashian’s chaotic Instagram Live as Saint and Psalm photobomb

Kim Kardashian, star of The Kardashians, had her hands full when she recently went on an Instagram live. 

Kim’s children Psalm and Saint were also in the video, and Saint had a very controversial message for the fans. 

Kim Kardashian’s children photo bomb her Instagram live

While Kim was on her Instagram live, she wanted her children to say hi to the fans, yet she got more than she bargained for. 

When asked to say hi to the camera, Psalm gave an innocent “hi,” yet Saint had quite a bit to say. 

When Kim asked Saint to say hi, he said, “hi, weirdos.” Kim tried to get that situation under control; however, Saint continued to go on and say a few final words. He said, “if you’re watching this, I hate you.” 

Kim was caught off guard when Saint said that, as Psalm tried to imitate what Saint had just said. Kim tried to calm the situation by saying, “Hey, Saint, look at what you’re teaching him.” 

Although Kim’s Instagram live looked a bit hectic, she and her kids seem happy and are thriving

Despite Kim’s live being a bit unorthodox for her taste, she was willing to go on live with her kids, knowing that they may cause a stir which was refreshing to see. 

Although Kim had to deal with her children on Instagram live, she still exuded a certain glow, which could be attributed to her fulfilling relationship with Pete. 

In one of the final episodes of The Kardashians, Kim finally gave in and let the fans know just how successful and easy her relationship with Pete was and how happy he made her. 

Kim mentioned that the small things that Pete does for her made her so head over heels for him. 

She mentioned the one thing that made her fall for him was that he was so considerate of her routines and knew how critical skin care is to her that he put pimple cream on her pimple while she was sleeping because she had forgotten to do it earlier. 

Kim gushed over that moment and was so impressed with Pete. 

Kim is thriving in her relationship with Pete and her co-parenting relationship with Kanye. 

Despite the differences that Kim and Kanye have, they both come together for their four children to ensure that they have the best life possible with both parents. 

Hopefully, Kim can keep up her effortless glow and continue to thrive. 

The Kardashians is now streaming on HULU.

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