Watch Frenchie go off on former Big Brother houseguests making fun of Derek Frazier’s weight

Derek Frazier Playing BB23
Derek Frazier is still competing on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Former Big Brother 23 houseguest Brandon “Frenchie” French went on a social media tirade to defend Derek Frazier against other former houseguests that were making fun of Derek’s weight.

Frenchie and Derek bonded in the Big Brother house and it appears that this is a friendship that could continue in the real world. As such, Frenchie has taken offense to other people mocking Derek and Frenchie says he is ready to fight them over it.

Frenchie posted and then deleted a video, but that video was saved by numerous other people who saw what was happening on social media. Below we share that video so readers can see what Frenchie had to say.

Within the video, Frenchie doesn’t name which former houseguest(s) that he is talking about, but Jozea Flores and Janelle Pierzina are two people that have already poked fun at Derek’s weight. It could be one or both of them that Frenchie is referring to.

Frenchie comes to Derek’s defense in new video

“One thing you don’t do is talk about somebody’s weight like that,” Frenchie can be seen saying as he records himself driving and responding to personal attacks that were made against Derek Frazier.

“You got an issue? Any single one-a-y’all can get it. Let’s trade that boxing ring in for an octagon and let’s see if y’all as tough as you really think you are,” Frenchie continues.

He goes on from there and the full video can be seen below. While Frenchie doesn’t name any names, he does use some rather colorful language to go after people making fun of his new friend.

Drama started with Jozea Flores from Big Brother 18

Jozea Flores was on Big Brother 18 and he recently took part in a celebrity boxing match. After the fight, he was asked who he wanted to fight next and he called out Derek Frazier. That led to a lot of questions on social media and some additional drama ensued.

Currently, someone named Lauren is running the social media accounts for Derek Frazier and pretending to be him by making posts while he is still in the Big Brother house. Below is a message that was posted by that person on Derek’s account and then a surprising response was made by Jozea a bit later.

Derek And Jozea BB
Jozea Flores bantering with Derek Frazier’s Twitter account. Pic credit: @TheDerekFrazier/Twitter

Jozea also ended up coming back the next day to post another response to the banter that was taking place on Twitter.

“I don’t know this a**hole from a can of paint ! He said on a live feed that he wanted to meet me to smack the s**t out of me so i responded PeriodT i would like to see what he said happen ! He started it and i want to finish it! [sic]” Jozea wrote in a response that came later.

Jozea Responds To Derek
Jozea came back to post again about Derek Frazier. Pic credit: @jossie_flores/Twitter

Janelle Pierzina makes a joke about Derek Frazier’s weight

Janelle Pierzina, who has played on four different seasons of Big Brother, made a joke about Derek in a tweet that she later deleted. But the account for Derek shared an image and responded by asking people to be more kind.

Derek Frazier will be on Big Brother 23 for a while

We have some new Big Brother spoilers here that reveal Derek Frazier has made it at least to the BB23 jury. It means he is going to be participating in the show for the rest of the season, even if part of it might end up being spent in the Big Brother jury house. That indicates it will be a long time until we hear directly from him on social media.

Derek is also still in the running to win that $750,000 prize that is big enough to convince Rachel Reilly that she wants to play the game again.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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