Watch Brittney Elena react after Matt James smacks her across the chest during Celebrity All-Star game

Matt James
Matt James accidentally smacks Brittney Elena in the chest during the Celebrity All-Star game. Pic credit: ABC

Let’s hope Brittney Elena isn’t too mad at The Bachelor star Matt James after he accidentally smacked her right across the chest while playing together in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game on Friday night.

While he got ready at the free-throw line to shoot for one point his teammate came up to wish him luck but wasn’t anticipating the response she would get.

Now, Twitter is buzzing as the viral clip circulates, showing Brittney’s reaction to the surprise pat-down.

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Brittney Elena stunned after The Bachelor star Matt James makes contact

Apparently, Matt James forgot that women were on his team, as he looked back and smacked teammate Brittney Elena right in the chest as if she was just one of the guys.

You can see her face as she walked back toward center court, as she grimaced and tried to figure out what had just happened.

JuJu Gotti shared the now-viral clip to the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz Twitter account, showing the moment when Matt reaches back to smack his teammate and the shocked look on her face the moment his hand made contact with her chest.

‘A high five is more than enough’

Most fans sided with Matt James and were empathetic to what had happened as one viewer posted, “Clearly no intentions on his part…I hope she is not offended.”

Another commented, “That’s probably a bigger adjustment than most think..After years of playing baseball and men’s softball that 1st co-ed softball game was a test..It’s like, ok, where do I tag them??”

“Bro a high five is more than enough lmao,” another viewer wrote.

Pic credit: @LeBatardShow/Twitter

Another viewer paused the video right after Matt accidentally got her on the chest, and Brittney’s face is classic in this re-post that was captioned, “Her face right after.”

Who else played on the Celebrity All-Star teams?

Matt James was on Team Walton, which consisted of the following players besides him and Brittney: Jimmie Allen, Machine Gun Kelly, Dearica Hamby, Noah Carlock, Nyjah Huston, Quavo, Ranveer Singh, and Alex Toussaint.

Matt and his team played against Team NIque which included Anuel AA, Mayor Justin Bibb, Kane Brown, Myles Garrett, Booby Gibson, Tiffany Haddish, Jack Harlow, Crissa Jackson, Anjali Ranadive, and Gianmarco.

Matt James and Team Walton were able to come away with the victory against Team Nique by 14 points, with a final score of 65-51. The Peloton workout influencer, Alex Toussaint, came home with the MVP award, as he helped Team Walton to a victory by putting up 18 points himself as the leading scorer.

At least Matt and his team were able to come away with the victory after his accidental slap-in-the-chest faux pas. It looks like Matt’s girlfriend, Rachel Kirkconnell, was there for the show too. Well, at least if she managed to catch another flight.

Pic credit: @rachaelkirkconnell/Instagram

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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