VPR: Viewers concerned Raquel Leviss isn’t acknowledging red flags in James Kennedy’s behavior

VPR star Raquel Leviss.
Vanderpump Rules fans are concerned that Raquel Leviss is overlooking concerning behavior from her fiance James Kennedy. Pic credit: Bravo

Tuesday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules was packed full of drama coming in at all angles. From Tom Sandoval and Lala Kent attempting to put that disastrous dinner at Villa Rosa behind them to Tom Schwartz being indecisive about just how involved he should let his wife Katie Maloney-Schwartz be in his new bar, the episode had plenty going on.

However, one of the major storylines included James Kennedy’s concern about his fiancee Raquel Leviss’ upcoming appointment with Lisa Vanderpump’s plastic surgeon to find out if his “bumping” her nose so soon after her nose job was what caused it to heal crooked.

It turned out that the cause of Raquel’s nose job outcome was more likely an issue from the initial surgery, but that didn’t stop Vanderpump Rules fans from airing their concerns around James’ behavior.

In fact, his insistence that he should have a say in whether or not Raquel gets surgery at all had viewers calling out the red flags.

Fans call out James Kennedy’s bad behavior against fiancee Raquel Leviss

Over on social media, Vanderpump Rules fans didn’t waste any time weighing in on James’ outbursts and feelings surrounding Raquel’s nose job.

Fans called out James for his red flag behavior but also called on Raquel to recognize and acknowledge his treatment of her.

“Raquel, you need to leave James. Now. What a pig,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another tweeted, “James shows all the red flags of an abuser, temper and coercion, after seeing him abuse his mother does Raquel seriously think he won’t do that to her? Run, Raquel!!”

Screenshot of tweet about James Kennedy.
Pic credit: @RDWinter3/Twitter

VPR viewers question James and Raquel’s claims that he ‘bumped’ her nose, express concern over his obsession with her looks

But it wasn’t just the general red flags that fans took issue with. Instead, there were two specific instances throughout the episode that had viewers scratching their heads and feeling uncomfortable.

Raquel had to come clean to Lisa about why she believed her nose remained crooked despite having work done. She claimed that just a month after removing the cast from her nose, it was bent when James came in too aggressively for a kiss. She also admitted that when James’ mom pointed out that it seemed to bend her nose, James flew off the handle and lashed out at her.

As you can imagine, fans didn’t love hearing that story, and some questioned why it was so hard for Raquel to come clean to Lisa if the story was true.

“I don’t think I would’ve thought anything weird about James bumping Raquel’s nose until he tried so hard to stop her from telling people? His reaction makes it seem like it is a cover up story,” a viewer stated.

Screenshot of tweet about James Kennedy.
Pic credit: @babyspicewitch/Twitter

Another said, “Why is it eating Raquel up and giving her a panic attack if the ‘nose bump’ was an accident?”

And even more, fans took issue with James’ insinuation that he was concerned about her having more work done because he was the one who had to look at her face.

“Raquel, do not marry James. I see he has a sweet side but he is still childish,” a viewer pointed out. “To say that physical appearance is the main thing he is focused on with you, speaks volumes and you will start having physical insecurities. It’s emotional and mental abuse.”

The overall consensus is that James needs to get it together and Raquel needs to recognize that although they’re currently riding the newly engaged high, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t areas for improvement within their relationship.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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