VPR: Lala Kent blasted by RHOC alum Kelly Dodd as a ‘whack job’ amid split from Randall Emmett

VPR star Lala Kent and former RHOC star Kelly Dodd.
Former RHOC star Kelly Dodd came after Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent after her recent split from Randall Emmett. Pic credit: Bravo

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent just can’t catch a break these days. Not only is she dealing with her recent split from fiance Randall Emmett, but she’s now dealing with the unflattering opinions of other Bravo stars.

Of course, Lala is no stranger to serious criticism from viewers and Bravo stars alike, and with her recent breakup to the film producer, those who aren’t fans of the new mom have seized the opportunity to bash the reality star.

One such critic is none other than former Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd. The RHOC alum recently shaded Lala on a social media post and while this isn’t the first time the two have collided, Kelly certainly wasn’t holding back.

RHOC alum Kelly Dodd calls Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent a ‘whack job’

Over on Reality Blurb’s Instagram account, Kelly took the time to comment on a post referencing Lala’s recent split and expressed her lack of surprise at the news.

And not only did she manage to throw more shade at Lala, but she insulted Randall simultaneously.

“No man would put up with that whack job!” Kelly wrote. “Not even an alleged crook!”

Screenshot of Kelly Dodd's IG comment about Lala Kent.
Pic credit: @realityblurb/Instagram

And when another Instagram user attempted to make a pot and kettle comparison, Kelly was adamant that the comment solidified her point.

“Someone puts up with you,” they retorted.

Screenshot of Kelly Dodd's IG comment about Lala Kent.
Pic credit: @realityblurb/Instagram

“exactly [laughing emoji] a good man !” Kelly responded.

Screenshot of Kelly Dodd's IG comment about Lala Kent.
Pic credit: @realityblurb/Instagram

She then doubled down on her stance in yet another response to the original comment stating, “my point exactly !! No one would put up with her ! Plus I have a good man !”

Naturally, Kelly was referencing her husband and former Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal.

Lala is moving on and up after split from Randall, rebrands podcast and alters her ink

While Kelly is throwing shade on Instagram, Lala has been focusing on moving on from her relationship with the film producer.

After initially staying mum about their split, Lala did finally address the changes in her life during an episode of her podcast.

“I obviously want to acknowledge that I’m sure everyone knows that is going on between Randall and myself and just in my personal life,” she shared. “There will be a time where I feel comfortable enough to open up and share. Today’s definitely not that day. It’s been a lot, I’m going through a lot, and at this point in time, I just want to protect my child.”

In the following podcast episode, Randall joined Lala and explained that he was going to be removing himself from the venture. He shared that while he was proud of what they had built together he felt that he needed to step away.

And shortly after the podcast went live, Lala proceeded to rebrand the podcast. She changed the original podcast name Give Them Lala…with Randall by dropping the latter half of the title.

The new Give Them Lala podcast name also came with a new feature image of the star wearing a crown.

And if that wasn’t enough, Lala also went ahead and changed the ink on her upper arm that once signified her love for Randall. Her “Rand” tattoo was altered to read “bRand new” instead.

Lala has so many changes happening in her life that it’s not surprising she has opted not to engage with critics like Kelly Dodd.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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