Voice of OTEV in Big Brother 2021: Lots of fans thought they recognized the new voice of OTEV

OTEV Big Brother 23
OTEV returned for the Big Brother 23 season. Pic credit: CBS

The voice of OTEV in Big Brother 2021 has become a hot topic of conversation after the latest episode of the show debuted on CBS. Season 23, Episode 18 aired on Wednesday night, featuring the Veto Competition where OTEV made his appearance for the BB23 cast.

The episode was a pretty dramatic one, with the houseguests getting to place bets on who might win the Veto Competition. And it was that Veto Competition that piqued the interest of a lot of viewers when a recognizable voice was heard as a character that appears each season.

During most of the recent seasons of the show, the character of OTEV hosts a Veto Competition, with a different person brought in to voice him/her as the challenge takes place. And this time, a lot of fans were convinced that they knew who was behind the voice.

Quite a few fans of the show were sure that bodybuilder turned actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was the person behind the scenes this time around.

Big Brother fans convinced Arnold Schwarzenegger was OTEV

Below are just a few of the posts that were made on social media where fans thought OTEV sounded a lot like the former Governor of California.

Who is the voice of OTEV in Big Brother 2021?

Sorry folks. It wasn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger who lent his voice talents to OTEV for the BB23 cast.

Below is a Twitter post by voice actor Joe Gaudet that was shared ahead of the August 18 episode of Big Brother 23:

Joe also shared a video with some heavy hints that people should tune in to watch the latest installment of the hit reality competition show.

While he did a pretty good job portraying Schwarzenegger for the Big Brother audience, there were certainly moments during long sentences where he fell out of the accent a bit and it became noticeable that this was someone other than the Terminator star.

Still, he did a really good job and it ended up convincing a lot of viewers that it really was Schwarzenegger who had taken some time to read lines for the Big Brother cast.

More news and spoilers about Big Brother 23 season

For readers who want to jump ahead, we already know who is about to become the first member of the BB23 jury. The votes have been in place for a while now and it is just a matter of getting to the Eviction Ceremony.

There is also an ongoing debate about one of the alliances in the house, where some fans have said The Cookout is racist in how it is conducting itself this season. Former houseguest Cody Nickson also shared his opinion on The Cookout.

As for the season continuing and the BB23 jury beginning, the good news for the remaining houseguests is that they have increased their paychecks by at least making it to the jury. For any fans who weren’t away of it, everyone gets paid to be on Big Brother.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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Lisa Gunther
Lisa Gunther
2 years ago

The cook out is the most racist thing I have ever witnessed on TV…..altho, Azah is the least racist Person in the cook out ….and even on the show…..if the cook out was a group of white people….all hell would break loose and it would be shut down….possibly even the show….for good…..cancelled for racism.

2 years ago
Reply to  Lisa Gunther

I totally agree..Have quit watching the show.