Virginia Coombs celebrates meeting ‘evil twin’ Clara Berghaus on MAFS

Virginia Coombs
MAFS stars Virginia Coombs and Clara Berghaus remain the best of friends. Pic credit: @meet_virg_/Instagram

Virginia Coombs debuted on Married at First Sight Season 12, where she met some of her closest friends. 

Virginia’s costar Clara Berghaus had a kindred spirit to Virginia, and the pair have remained extra close since wrapping their explosive season. 

Recently, Virginia raved about how Clara is her evil twin.

Virginia Coombs shares photos with ‘evil twin’ Clara Berghaus 

Virginia Coombs took to Instagram to share a video paying homage to her friendship with MAFS Season 12 costar Clara Berghaus.

The video began with a dolled-up selfie of Virginia wearing lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow in a car. 

Text over the video read, “Did you meet your soulmate on Married at First sight?” 

The video then cuts to photos of Virginia and Clara at parties with text over the video that read, “Nope, just my evil twin,” with a purple devil emoji. 

Virginia captioned the post, “thankful for my evil twin.” 

In the comment section, Clara Berghaus reacted to Virginia’s post, writing, “The world wasn’t ready lmaoooo.” 

Virginia replied, “she wasn’t reeeeaaadddyyyyy.” 

Another supporter wrote, “I love the friendship you guys developed!” 

Virginia Coombs' comments
Pic credit: @meet_virg_/Instagram

More commenters loved Clara and Virginia’s bond, with one writing, “You guys are perfect for each other.” 

Virginia responded, “we agree!” 

A commenter wrote, “You girls are better alone!!” Virginia corrected the phrasing to say, “more like better together!” 

Other comments included, “Get it ladies,” and “You are so beautiful.” 

Virginia Coombs comments
Pic credit: @meet_virg_/Instagram

Virginia Coombs addresses a ‘backhanded compliment’ 

While most of the comments on the post were positive, Virginia found one comment to be a bit shady. 

The commenter addressed Virignia’s car selfie at the start of the video and wrote, “Your makeup looks so awesome! Much more beautiful than on the show. You were beautiful then too…but these colors just suit you and make you vibrant.” 

Virginia replied to the commenter by explaining why her makeup might have looked different on the show. 

Virginia wrote, “I never had time to get ready while filming because I was working 50+ hours a week and then filming another 50+.” 

Taking to her Instagram stories, Virginia proved she wasn’t done putting the comment on blast. 

Virginia shared a screenshot of the comment and wrote, “talk about a backhanded compliment,” with a laughing emoji. 

Virginia Coombs' Instagram story
Pic credit: @meet_virg_/Instagram

While Virginia’s Married at First Sight experience led to a divorce, online criticism, and backhanded compliments, she still appears grateful the show led her to her ‘evil twin’ Clara Berghaus. 

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, July 6, on Lifetime. 

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