Video shows Survivor 45 cast crushing In-N-Out burgers after returning from Fiji

Austin from Survivor 45
Austin Li Coon finished second place on Survivor 45. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The Survivor 45 cast hit up an In-N-Out Burger as they arrived in Los Angeles after filming ended in Fiji.

A new video shared online also features Austin Li Coon and Dee Valladares digging into an order of Animal Style Fries.

“Our stomachs were bottomless pits from the month of starvation, but we showed some restraint because we were in public,” Austin wrote in a blog post about the feast.

“Drew [Basile] was a hangry curmudgeon during his last few days on the island, so it was extra special seeing him get so excited over food,” Austin added.

“Of course, immediately after landing in LA we decided to go and crush some In N Out burgers!! Half of the cast had never been before, so this was a monumental occasion,” Austin noted about the experience.

Many life-long friendships have emerged from their time in Fiji.

The Survivor 45 cast hits up In-N-Out Burger in Los Angeles

Austin posted the video that is shared below. He narrates part of it — talking about how this was their first meal since returning to the United States.

A steady stream of Survivor 45 cast members are shown coming in the doors as the meal continues. Since the castaways weren’t famous yet, other customers didn’t know what was happening.

More news from Survivor

As a reminder, Dee won Survivor on a 5-3 jury vote over Austin. Jake O’Kane finished in third place but didn’t receive any jury votes.

Katurah Topps recently wrote about her mistake that may have cost her a million dollars on the Survivor finale.

Austin and Jake shared fun photos “on a date” after the watch party for the Survivor 45 finale.

Sia also revealed her prize winners. She is a huge Survivor fan and loves giving cash prizes to her favorite players each season.

More Survivor on the horizon

A Survivor 46 trailer was released to excite fans about the new season. It was done differently, with the trailer featuring content from the audition tapes for these castaways.

The new season of Survivor debuts on Wednesday, February 28. It’s a two-hour premiere, giving viewers extra footage to enjoy as the new campaign begins.

Two Survivor winners are in the new season of The Traitors. This second season of The Traitors USA will air on Peacock. Survivor legend Cirie Fields won the first season last winter.

Previous episodes of Survivor 45 are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor returns on February 28 on CBS.

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