Katurah addresses that million-dollar mistake from Survivor 45

Katurah from Survivor
Katurah Topps made a huge mistake on Survivor 45. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 45 could have turned out much differently. And Katurah Topps knows it.

Dee Valladares was crowned the Survivor 45 winner. It was a hard-fought achievement, but she almost got taken out by Jake O’Kane.

Jake looked to make a big move in the game and created a situation where Dee could be voted out. He took that idea to Katurah, and everything was set.

At Tribal Council, Jake used his Hidden Immunity Idol to protect Katurah, and it appeared that the vote was set to end Dee’s game. But that’s not how it went.

Jullie Alley got voted out first, as the mom of the Survivor 45 cast received two votes at the game-changing Tribal Council. Jake, Dee, and Katurah each received one vote.

Dee survived the final five Tribal Council and beat Austin Li Coon and Jake in the Survivor 45 jury vote.

Katurah could have voted out Dee

Had Katurah voted out Dee — like she told Jake she would do — Dee would have finished in fifth place. The final four would then have been Julie, Katurah, Austin, and Jake.

Someone else would have won the final Immunity Challenge, and the entire game could have ended differently.

Katurah knows she made a mistake and posted about it on social media.

“Yal: Katurah fumbled the bag. She gave away a million dollars,” Katurah wrote on X, alluding to the Survivor fans telling her she blew her shot.

“Me: guys, I literally think about this EVERY time I pay rent,” Katruah added, admitting that they are correct.

At least she has a good sense of humor about the situation.

Katurah Survivor Twitter
Katurah addresses that pivotal moment on Survivor 45. Pic credit: @KaturahTopps/X

How much did Katurah trust Jake on Survivor 45?

Katurah addressed her level of trust in Jake as well.

A clip shared on X where Jake called her out for not voting against Dee.

“You made me swear on Nanah, dude. What the hell?” Jake asked her at Tribal Council.

Katurah still has a bewildered look on her face as reality hits home. She didn’t trust Jake enough to vote against Dee.

“You know our trust was *sooo low* when even swearing on Nana couldn’t soothe my worries,” Katurah captioned her response to the clip.

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