Who is the Survivor 45 winner?

Survivor Host Jeff Probst
Jeff Probst brought Survivor 45 to an end. Pic credit: ©

The Survivor 45 winner was just revealed. The epic fight to be the latest Sole Survivor ended on Wednesday night.

Dee Valladares, Jake O’Kane, Katurah Topps, Julie Alley, and Austin Li Coon made the final five. But who would win the $1 million prize?

The latest season took place in Fiji again, with Jeff Probst back as the host. Early in the season, there was a problem with people quitting, but then the season began paying off.

Several blindsides made for exciting television, and Jeff led the fans through every moment.

Jeff also hosted a new season of his On Fire podcast, providing background for what happened in Season 45.

A new Survivor showmance also surfaced in the latest season, with Dee and Austin getting very close. But was it a real showmance? Or was Dee playing Austin for a chance at that million dollars?

Survivor 45 season finale recap

Early in the final episode, Katurah spoke about wanting to break up the Austin-Dee relationship. She let Julie and Jake know her thoughts.

The final five castaways woke up to a challenge on the beach. They had to run between two stations and answer questions to earn an advantage. To open a lock, they had to count the number of coconuts and the number of crabs at opposite ends of the beach.

Jake O’Kane memorized the numbers by correlating them to past Survivor winners. He earned an advantage in the first Immunity Challenge of the night.

Important Immunity Challenges and Tribal Councils for the Survivor 45 finale

Austin won the first Immunity Challenge of the night. He chose Jake to go with him to a steak dinner reward.

Jake revealed his Hidden Immunity Idol to Austin ahead of the Tribal Council. He also told Katurah.

Jake played his Immunity Idol for Katurah at Tribal Council. The vote was very split. Jake, Dee, and Katurah each received one, but Julie was voted off Survivor with two votes.

Dee won the final Immunity Challenge of Survivor 45. She earned a guaranteed spot in the final three. This was also her third individual win.

Jake asked to be placed in the Fire Challenge. He wanted to win it and build his Survivor resume. Dee planned to put Katurah against him.

The final four Fire-Making Challenge was Jake versus Katurah.

Jake won the Fire-Making Challenge. The final three were Austin, Dee, and Jake.

Who won Survivor 45?

The Survivor 45 jury members were Kaleb Gebrewold, Kellie Nalbandian, Kendra McQuarrie, Bruce Perreault, Emily Flippen, Drew Basile, Julie Alley, and Katurah Topps.

Austin revealed that he was the alternate this season during the jury questions. The final three people presented their cases about why they deserved the $1 million prize.

The jury had many good questions, and the final three were impressive with the answers. It led to an unpredictable final vote. Producers even gave the segment extra time.

Dee Valladares is the Survivor 45 winner. She beat Austin in a 5-3 vote.

The Survivor 46 cast list was leaked ahead of time. It gives fans a look at the bios for the players featured in the upcoming season.

Two Survivor winners are also on the new season of The Traitors. The season gets started this winter on Peacock.

Survivor 46 debuts on Wednesday, February 28, on CBS.

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