Victoria Larson talks implants and her biggest insecurity

Victoria Larson
Victoria Larson appeared on The Bachelor Season 25. Pic credit: @victorialarson_/Instagram

Victoria Larson built a large social media following after becoming the villain on The Bachelor Season 25 with lead Matt James. 

Victoria continues to captivate fans and followers on social media. 

While Victoria’s steamy snapshots usually are what gets her followers buzzing, she also engages with fans through Q&As.

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Victoria’s past Q&As saw her opening up about her troubled experience on The Bachelor, and her recent Q&A featured more vulnerability. 

The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise Star opened up about her biggest insecurity while answering fans’ many questions. 

Victoria also answered questions about potentially getting breast implants. 

Victoria Larson reveals biggest insecurity 

Victoria Larson took to her Instagram Stories and allowed fans to ask her anonymous questions. 

One follower wanted to know, “your biggest insecurity?” 

Victoria replied with a very relatable insecurity as she shared, “Definitely dealing with almost turning 30 and not being married…”

However, Victoria expressed how she remains positive by stating that she’s “trying to not let society standards dictate my journey.” 

Victoria Larson's Instagram story
Pic credit: @victorialarson_/Instagram

With Victoria’s desire for a relationship, a fan wanted to know, “Would you want kids in the future if so how many.” 

Victoria answered, “I want 3 I think if I’m so lucky.” 

Victoria Larson's Instagram story
Pic credit: @victorialarson_/Instagram

Victoria Larson answers question regarding breast implants 

A fan wanted to know Victoria’s stance on implants while gushing over her beauty. 

Their question read, “Have you ever considered getting implants on top of your natural perfect boobs? You are beautiful!”

Victoria answered, “Yes I really want to cause personally I love how fake boobs look.” 

Victoria Larson's Instagram story
Pic credit: @victorialarson_/Instagram

Victoria Larson models in cowboy boots

Victoria often shares photos on her Instagram in an assortment of sizzling lingerie looks. 

In a recent post, Victoria shared a video from one of her lingerie photoshoots as she totally owned being a lingerie model.

The video featured Victoria posing on bales of hay in a matching lingerie featuring pastel pinks and blues and a flowy white jacket draping off her shoulders and around her toned physique. Victoria completed the look with eye-catching cowboy boots.

Victoria captioned the post, “Someone in ibiza told me I should be a lingerie model, I was like LoL I am.”

Mentioning her grandma’s questions about her profession, Victoria concluded the caption, “And try explaining that to my grandma who keeps asking me why I post in my underwear @honeybirdette.” 

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, September 27, on ABC.

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