Victoria Larson calls The Bachelor ‘the worst experience’ of her life, shares why she ‘hates the producers’  

Victoria Larson
Bachelor Nation’s Victoria Larson hates “manipulative” producers on The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Victoria Larson built up a villainous and larger-than-life reputation on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor. 

Declaring herself Queen Victoria, the Bachelor Nation star butted heads with her costars and rubbed viewers the wrong way. 

However, Victoria doesn’t feel she was accurately portrayed, and she’s still feeling the negative impact from her time on the show. 

Recently, Victoria didn’t hold back in airing out her frustrations with The Bachelor and her hate for the producers. 

Victoria Larson slams The Bachelor producers and her horrible experience on the show 

Victoria Larson took to her Instagram stories to reveal her thoughts on her experience within The Bachelor franchise. 

Victoria wrote, “One of my favorite things is when people recognize me and are purposefully rude to me cause they think I am an awful person. It’s almost as great as the online trolls. Smh.”

Victoria Larson's Instagram story
Pic credit: @victorialarson_/Instagram

Clarifying the sarcasm of her statement, Victoria wrote, “Obviously that’s sarcasm. Doing the show was probably the worst experience of my life and I hate the producers truly look.”

Victoria added, “However I try and look with greater perspective there are way more significant issues in the world and mine are minuscule in comparison. Focus on my blessings always.” 

Victoria Larson's Instagram story
Pic credit: @victorialarson_/Instagram

A critic reacted to Victoria’s posts and called her out by reminding Victoria of some of her “mean girl” behavior on The Bachelor. 

Victoria shared the DM from the critic who wrote, “You literally pulled a crown off a girls head? Those were your actions.” 

Victoria appeared to imply that some of her antics on the show were staged, writing, “Yea and I’m sureeee that was My IDEA.” 

Victoria Larson's Instagram story
Pic credit: @victorialarson_/Instagram

On her Instagram stories, Victoria allowed fans to ask her anything, and one fan inquired, “Why do you hate the producers?”

Victoria responded, “Cause theyre manipulative and pick and choose ‘storylines.’” 

Victoria Larson's Instagram story
Pic credit: @victorialarson_/Instagram

Victoria Larson reveals if she regrets her time on The Bachelor 

Another fan asked Victoria, “do you ultimately regret going on the bachelor? Love you btw.” 

Victoria answered, “I try to not have regrets but def there are some things I’d have done diff. Ultimately not in my control tho.” 

Victoria Larson's Instagram story
Pic credit: @victorialarson_/Instagram

While Victoria is mainly dissatisfied with her The Bachelor experience, she doesn’t hate her “queen” title. 

A fan posed the question, “With your experience on Bachelor, is it still a compliment to call you Queen?” 

Victoria replied with one of her many bikini photos and wrote, “It was so fun being called queen on set and then after had such a negative connotation. But f**k it who doesn’t love being called queen.” 

Pic credit: @victorialarson_/Instagram

Based on her recent posts, it seems Victoria is likely done with The Bachelor franchise for good. 

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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