Victoria Fuller carelessly broke Johnny DePhillipo’s heart, BIP viewers react

Bachelor in Paradise star denies cheating on her fiancé Johnny DePhillipo despite contrary evidence.
Bachelor in Paradise star Johnny DePhillipo accused Victoria Fuller of cheating on him with Greg Grippo. Pic credit: @vlfuller/Instagram

Bachelor in Paradise’s final episode aired last night, and viewers did not hold back on their reactions. They were particularly vocal about Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo’s relationship.

Johnny was visibly upset when Jesse Palmer called him to the stage. He looked like he was about to burst into tears at any given moment.

He had just watched his final moments on the beach with Victoria where he proposed to her. She gladly accepted, which was not shocking as she had been very clear about wanting him to get married.

However, when Johnny sat down with Jesse, he revealed that the two were, “No longer engaged.”

The confession was not a surprise to Bachelor Nation since rumors were floating around for weeks that Victoria had cheated on him with Greg Grippo– a contestant from Katie Thurston’s season.

Johnny explained that he and Victoria were going through some stuff and that they had even started therapy.

He said that she reassured him that nothing was going on between her and Greg only to later find out on social that the two had taken a trip together to Rome, Italy.

Victoria Fuller denied the cheating rumors

When The Savage X ambassador joined Johnny on stage, she was very defensive and denied cheating on Johnny.

She said that they were broken up and accused the real estate agent of calling her vile names. He vehemently denied those claims but admitted to having joked that she didn’t know how to cook or clean.

Jesse asked Victoria if she cheated on Johnny, and she replied, “Absolutely not.”

Johnny reasoned that since she entertained Greg while they were still working on their issues, that was emotional cheating. However, Victoria maintained that she didn’t cheat on him.

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo got matching tattoos

After Johnny left, she was joined by Greg on stage and he confirmed Johnny’s suspicions. He explained that he and Victoria started talking only weeks after Johnny’s proposal but that they were friends before she joined Bachelor in Paradise.

He said, “We’ve been friends for a while. We met last year through mutual friends.”

Greg said he invited Victoria to Rome for drinks because they didn’t want to risk getting recognized. Their plan failed.

Greg said, “I was like, you know what, we’re at this moment where we’re really interested in one another and I was like, I want to take you out for a drink. So, you want to go to Rome in two days?”

Victoria cozied up to him, hugged him, and revealed that while in Italy, they got matching tattoos, that said, “Ciao” which means hello in Italian.

Greg was stunned that she revealed their tattoos, but he went along with it. Victoria said she didn’t care if Bachelor Nation understood their relationship.

“But everyone can hate us if they f***ing want,” she retorted.

BIP viewers slam Victoria Fuller

Bachelor in Paradise viewers was very uncomfortable watching the pair’s interaction and they slammed Victoria on social media and showed sympathy for Johnny’s visible heartbreak.

One fan wrote, “All I need to hear is that Victoria told Johnny not to worry about Greg and then went and dated him… that’s shady.”

Another fan wrote, “Her ‘absolutely not’ is giving ‘I did not have sexual relations with that woman.'”

Finally, one viewer summed it up perfectly and noted that Victoria spent her time on stage telling Johnny that she didn’t get with Greg after Paradise, only for Greg to deny it and say that they started talking right after Paradise.

BIP viewers are done with Victoria.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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