Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion ‘in jeopardy’ due to Raquel’s restraining order against Scheana

Raquel Leviss and Scheana Shay on Vanderpump Rules
The Vanderpump Rules reunion may have to be on hold for a bit due to Raquel’s restraining order. Pic credit: Bravo

With everything going on in the land of Vanderpump Rules right now, one particular roadblock has jeopardized the upcoming Season 10 reunion.

Since the “Scandoval” happened earlier this month, involving cast member Tom Sandoval cheating on his girlfriend of nearly 10 years, Ariana Madix, with their costar Raquel [Rachel] Leviss, things have continued to tumble downhill for the hit Bravo spinoff.

After Raquel claimed castmate Scheana Shay hit her in the face after finding out about the affair, she was granted a restraining order against the OG that forced the two to stay 100 yards from each other.

With the Season 10 reunion set to film on March 23, this would be a huge setback, as both Raquel and Scheana are integral members of the cast — especially after news of the cheating scandal broke.

Scheana’s lawyer, Neama Rahmani, noted that the reunion “just can’t happen in any meaningful way while this order is in place.”

“The temporary restraining order, as it stands now, currently prohibits Scheana from being within 100 yards of Rachel, so they can’t both be physically present at the reunion,” Neama noted. “There really is no mechanism to modify this type of temporary civil restraining order before the [March 29 court] hearing, so the reunion, at least having them all together in person, is certainly in jeopardy.”

While her lawyer could foresee one of the women attending the reunion virtually and the other in person, they would still be unable to communicate with each other in any way, per the temporary restraining order.

Scheana Shay’s lawyer denies Raquel Leviss’ claims

Scheana and Raquel were filming Watch What Happens Live in New York on Wednesday, March 1, when Scheana found out that Tom had been having an affair with Raquel.

While Raquel submitted “proof” of the “black eye” Scheana gave her after allegedly pushing her up against a brick wall and punching her in the face, Scheana’s lawyer said the details of her story were simply not true.

“This case is a fabrication by a known liar and a cheat who has betrayed everyone close to her. Scheana never punched Rachel [Raquel], period,” Neama said.

Regarding Raquel’s photos, Neama also said that the “supposed dark markings around her left eye have been there for months.”

As of now, since the judge has only heard Raquel’s side of the story, Neama and Scheana are looking forward to presenting the “full and true story” in court.

Their hearing is set to take place on March 29, just six days after the Season 10 reunion is set to film.

Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss both apologize after the cheating scandal

March has been a wild month for Vanderpump Rules fans ever since Ariana found the sexually-explicit video of Raquel on her boyfriend Tom’s phone, which was shared with the world just two days later.

It has been confirmed that their affair had been going on for roughly seven months, leaving Ariana absolutely “devastated” and causing Tom’s new restaurant, Schwartz & Sandy’s, to feel the punch — no pun intended.

However, Tom and Raquel chose to address the scandal on social media, with Tom telling his followers not to take their anger out on his businesses.

He returned a day later with a second statement in which he apologized to Ariana for the pain he caused her.

Raquel also released two statements, the first to address the status of her mental health and the second to note that she has “sincere” feelings for Tom.

Although the status of the upcoming reunion is currently unknown, one thing’s for sure — fans will get to see the Scandoval unfold at the end of Season 10 as Bravo producers picked the cameras back up to capture the fallout in real time.

Vanderpump Rules airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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