Vanderpump Rules: Lala Kent and James Kennedy relive their most ‘iconic’ moments

VPR stars James Kennedy and Lala Kent.
Vanderpump Rules co-stars James Kennedy and Lala Kent relive some of their most memorable VPR moments. Pic credit: Bravo/ @itsjameskennedy/Instagram

Vanderpump Rules stars James Kennedy and Lala Kent easily have one of the most intense, if not entirely confusing, relationships amongst the current cast. Since joining the hit Bravo show in Season 3 and 4, respectively, the two have maintained their friendship through the highs and lows of their other relationships.

And whether viewers love them or hate them, Lala and James continue to have each other’s backs and love to reminisce about the good times of seasons past.

In a recent appearance on her Give Them Lala podcast, the BFFs delved into some of their most intense moments and revealed the impact their friendship has had on each of their lives.

Lala Kent and co-star James Kennedy recall their intense beginning on Vanderpump Rules

In a very special episode of her podcast, Lala brought the DJ himself onto her show, and the two wasted no time in discussing some of their most fun and outrageous moments together.

Lala opened by listing the reasons why she brought James onto the podcast. “Number one, I love you. And two, I wanna go back in the day when Lala and James first stepped on the scene together.”

According to James, the two have undeniable chemistry, and during their early seasons, they were explosive together.

“We would come in guns blazing, do you know what I mean? Every scene, every day. It was just natural. We didn’t plan this,” he admitted. “That’s just how we were and how we were living. We were just out here having fun and, you know, at the time thinking we were living to the fullest.”

Lala agreed and said that Season 4 was “the most fun” she’d ever had in her lifetime.

“Like, going out with you, making out just randomly like shoving our tongues down each other’s throats… We lived the dream,” she added.

James admits he was ‘obsessed’ with Lala during the beginning of their friendship

As for their most memorable or iconic moments, it came down to two. The first was their infamous pasta fight over Lala eating Raquel’s pasta during a night of drinking. Longtime Vanderpump Rules viewers will remember the explosive fight between James and Lala that found them completely at odds with one another.

However, their second moment was during the cast’s trip to Hawaii. According to James, that was the most iconic simply because of how “obsessed” he was with Lala.

“I think that when we went to Hawaii, you know, and, like, I was still just chasing Lala and, like, I couldn’t quite… haven’t sealed the deal yet. I was just so, like, obsessed,” he confessed.

And it seems that feeling is something that may just stick around.

“I mean, there’s always going to be something [between us], I think,” he told her.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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