Vanderpump Rules: Jax Taylor dishes on the status of friendship with Tom Sandoval

VPR stars Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval.
Former Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor opened up about the status of his friendship with Tom Sandoval. Pic credit: Bravo

Vanderpump Rules alum Jax Taylor gave yet another update on his friendship with former co-star Tom Sandoval.

The OG Vanderpump Rules star hasn’t exactly been subtle in his shade towards his former friend. And although some had hoped the two would be able to patch their rocky relationship, it seems that that might just be out of reach for the pair.

Since announcing his exit from the hit Bravo show, Jax has remained open about the relationships and friendships that have survived beyond the television screen — and during a recent interview, it seems his relationship with Sandoval isn’t one that’s made the cut.

Jax Taylor gives update on friendship with former co-star Tom Sandoval

While speaking to Access Hollywood, Jax dished on the current state of the former BFF relationship, and as it turns out he’s hardly spoken to Sandoval at all.

“No, since the show I think I saw him maybe twice,” Jax shared. “Once was at a gathering at Kristen’s [Doute] house. And then I saw him somewhere else. I mean, we’re cordial. I mean, I’m 42. I’m not gonna go, ‘I hate you,’ and this and that. I’m like, ‘How are you? How are you doing? Life is good. Great.’ That’s it. Like a matter of a dozen words since we filmed.”

Jax continued to explain that he doesn’t harbor any resentment towards Sandoval at this point, but he acknowledged that the two had lost touch since their lives had gone down different paths. And this doesn’t come as too much of a shock considering that Sandoval and his longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix don’t have any children, while Jax and his wife Brittany welcomed their son, Cruz, in April of this year.

“It’s nothing against him personally,” Jax noted. “I’m just going a different way in my life. He’s going a different way in his. Nothing wrong with that. It’s just growing.”

Tom Sandoval admits ‘he’s busy’ when asked about relationship status with Jax Taylor

Sandoval echoed the same sentiments about his former friend in recent interviews. While speaking with Us Weekly with business partner Tom Schwartz, Sandoval admitted that he doesn’t often speak to his former co-star.

“I don’t talk to him as much,” Sandoval admitted. “They’re busy, we’re busy.”

And while his response may have seemed vague, Sandoval opened up again during an appearance on the Teahive Movie Night podcast where he said he still had “respect” for Jax.

“No matter what happens to us… there’s a level of respect we have for each other because whether we’ve had our ups and downs or not, we all have really put ourselves out there,” Sandoval shared.

Considering the immense falling out Jax and Sandoval had prior to Jax’s wedding to Brittany in 2019, the current state of their relationship doesn’t seem so bad.

Longtime Vanderpump Rules viewers will recall the serious drama that unfolded during the planning stages of Jax and Brittany’s wedding. The conflict got so intense that Jax revealed he had considered removing Sandoval from the guest list altogether.

After the wedding, Jax even went so far as to admit to ET that he had serious regrets for changing his mind and including Sandoval in the wedding at all.

“I did change my mind and allow him to not only come to the wedding, but to be in my wedding, and do I regret that, yes,” Jax confessed. “I just wish I would’ve stood by what I said. I felt I was a little bit bullied into bringing him back in.”

Despite the demise of their friendship, both men seem to be moving on and up. Sandoval remains a major part of the Vanderpump Rules cast and Jax recently announced that he’s finished writing a children’s book that is set to release next summer.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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