Vanderpump Rules: Did Andy Cohen leak name of potential VPR spin-off?

Andy Cohen and Lisa Vanderpump.
Viewers wonder if Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen slipped and revealed the name of a new Vanderpump Rules spinoff. Pic credit: Bravo/@lisavanderpump/Instagram

Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen may have let some confidential Vanderpump Rules information slip during a recent episode of the hit Bravo show.

While introducing guest Lala Kent, Andy may have accidentally revealed the name of the rumored Vanderpump Rules spinoff.

After a rough ride through Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules, viewers questioned whether or not the show would be picked up for Season 10. As of this writing, the show hasn’t been renewed for another season — and this is what ultimately led to viewers questioning if Andy experienced more than a mere slip of the tongue.

Andy Cohen reportedly introduces Lala Kent using the name of a show that doesn’t exist — yet

During the WWHL episode, Andy welcomed both Lala Kent and Summer House’s Mya Allen to the set.

Instead of introducing Lala as the star of Vanderpump Rules, Andy reportedly accidentally called her the star of “Vanderpump Valley.”

As he made the slip, Lala shared a nervous look with the host, who carried on with a great poker face. However, some keen viewers picked up on it right away.

If it’s true that a Vanderpump Rules spinoff is on its way, that has left fans split on how they’re feeling. While some are hoping the spinoff would see the return of some fan favorites including Stassi Schroeder, Brittany Cartwright, and Jax Taylor, others seemingly aren’t looking forward to the new concept.

Viewers and fans react to rumors of Vanderpump Rules spinoff

Almost immediately following the episode, viewers hit social media to weigh in with their thoughts on the idea of a new spinoff.

One Twitter user shared a TikTok of the clip. And although the claps of the crowd almost drown it out, viewers shared that it was clear Andy didn’t say the current show’s title of Vanderpump Rules.

Social media guru Zack Peter shared, “Idk [I don’t know] if the rumors are true, but I would love a ‘Vanderpump Valley’ spin-off with all the VPR Mommas in the Valley.”

“A new era of Housewives,” his tweet continued.

Seemingly attempting to put a lid on the rumors, Scheana Shay responded to Zack’s tweet to share, “News to me! Lol”

Zack responded that he was simply trying to “manifest” it.

Pic credit: @justplainzack/Twitter

Meanwhile, fans and critics alike shared if they would tune into the spinoff should it come to fruition.

“I would watch this in a heartbeat over the new vanderpump @Andy @BravoTV,” one Twitter user commented.

Pic credit: @xoallypxo/Twitter

Unfortunately, others don’t seem so keen to see the show continue in any form.

“If we didn’t care enough about their lives for VPR to succeed, changing the name of the show isn’t going to fool us! The audience is [smarter than that],” wrote another.

Pic credit: @Catalysing1/Twitter

“But do we REALLY need to see grown women (with babies) fighting & bickering with each other?” yet another user asked.

Pic credit: @mail2dawn/Twitter

Over on Instagram, @bravohistorian share the clip as well and captioned, “VANDERPUMP VALLEY?!!? Did Andy have a Freudian slip up for the name of the spin off?! (Via @dancalabrese).”

In the comment section of the post, a user reported to be a member of the virtual audience and shared, “i was in the virtual audience and he actually used the phrase ‘vanderpump valley’ twice during the taping ?”

Pic credit: @bravohistorian/Instagram

No official announcement has been made by Bravo as to whether they’ll be renewing Vanderpump Rules for another season or if this will be another franchise that Bravo chooses to “reboot” similar to Real Housewives of Orange County and Real Housewives of New York.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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