Vanderpump Rules alum Jax Taylor receives criticism after revealing he’s written a children’s book

Former VPR star Jax Taylor.
Former Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor revealed he’s written a children’s book. Pic credit: Bravo

Former Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor is easily one of the most controversial personalities in the show’s history. And after announcing that he and his wife Brittany Cartwright wouldn’t be returning for Season 9, many fans have wondered what he’ll be doing to supplement his income.

Apparently, Jax is taking on an entirely new venture as he recently revealed that he’s written a children’s book. The idea seems in line with Jax’s current circumstances. He and Brittany welcomed their first child together, son Cruz, in April of this year, and since making his arrival, the new parents have been wrapped around his little finger.

Unfortunately, Jax’s children’s book announcement wasn’t as well-received as he’d hoped and it left many questioning how he could be qualified to write a children’s book considering his racist and homophobic comments in the past.

Jax Taylor announces he’s written a children’s book, says he’s paying ‘homage’ to his dad

During an interview with Access Hollywood, Jax and Brittany gave an update on their lives and what they’ve been doing since stepping away from the cameras.

Jax has maintained that he chose to walk away from Vanderpump Rules after eight seasons despite claims that he was fired for his racist and homophobic comments on social media. Given his sketchy separation from the show, his announcement came as a surprise.

“I did a children’s book,” Jax shared.

He continued to explain that the book holds a special place for him especially since losing his dad in 2017 and cited him as the inspiration for the book entirely.

“I was extremely close to my dad,” Jax admitted. “So I did an homage, kind of like a love letter to my son about my father. I’m really proud of it.”

According to Jax, the book is “about what an amazing man he was and how I plan on raising my son like how my father raised me.”

the book is expected to be released sometime next summer.

Jax’s children’s book announcement receives heavy criticism online

After news of Jax’s children’s book was released, critics questioned why he would think releasing a book would be a good idea.

Over on Reddit, several viewers weighed in with their own opinions.

“This is just so off base and out of touch with reality I can’t believe anybody thought this was even a remotely good idea,” wrote one user.

Screenshot from Reddit thread about Jax's children's book.
Pic credit: @u/Ill-Disaster-6991/Reddit

Another noted they wouldn’t go out of their way to purchase anything with Jax’s name on it.

“I’m surprised he didn’t release the book under a pseudonym. He probably would have gotten more people to buy it. There’s no way I’d buy anything with his name on it for my children but might have done so if it was a [random] name on the cover,” the commenter shared. “Who am I kidding; this couple needs attention. There’s no way they’d create any product and not slap their names all over it.”

Screenshot from Reddit thread about Jax's children's book.
Pic credit: @u/NoInevitable1806/Reddit

And yet another user pointed out that the book seems like an attempt to make some income since Jax has reportedly landed in some tax trouble.

“My name is Jax. I owe some tax. Please buy my book,” they wrote.

Screenshot from Reddit thread about Jax's children's book.
Pic credit: @u/Ecstatic_Poem9534/Reddit

Although initial news of his children’s book may not have been well-received, Jax and Brittany reportedly have other ventures in the works as well including a new spin-off show of their own.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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