Tyler Cameron describes what his Nana thought of Real Dirty Dancing experience

Tyler Cameron and Loni Love on The Real Dirty Dancing
Tyler Cameron and Loni Love on The Real Dirty Dancing. Pic credit: Fox

The Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron took on a role in a new reality series called The Real Dirty Dancing.

While his first reality show appearance had him competing for the love of Hannah Brown, this one has him competing for something very different.

The male and female winners of The Real Dirty Dancing get the roles of Johnny and Baby from the classic movie, Dirty Dancing.

Tyler even had his Nana sitting with him at the show and he wasn’t sure what she would think of it.

Tyler Cameron explains his Nana’s response to Real Dirty Dancing

Tyler Cameron was working with his The Real Dirty Dancing co-star Loni Love and he said that was a great experience.

“Loni was the greatest thing that happened to me on this show because she is so funny and she makes everything so easy,” Tyler said about working with the comedian co-host from The Real.

“She just made me feel comfortable and I had the best time with Loni. So, like, getting to dance for Loni right away was the best thing that could have happened for me.”

However, the fact that his Nana was there made Tyler a bit uncomfortable.

“I was sitting right next to my Nana during the show and I was like, ‘Oh, God,’” Tyler explained. “I mean, I was literally dry humping Loni’s leg on one of my dance moves, you know? And I was like, ‘Nana, are you OK with all this?’ And she was cracking up. She had so much fun.”

Tyler said she loved it and thought it was “the coolest thing ever.”

As for the competitors, many of which are married or have significant others, Tyler said they all talked and made sure they were comfortable with everything.

“Because trust me, at first, everyone was like, ‘Whoa, we can touch each other, like, this is weird, you know?’,” Tyler explained. “And then you’ll see as we get more comfortable with each other and chemistry grows, we’re able to feel comfortable being intimate with each other in the dancing. And ‘cause we know it’s just dancing. We know it’s nothing more than that.”

Tyler dedicates the entire experience to his mom

Tyler Cameron’s mother died shortly after his experience on The Bachelorette, and it was a tough time for the young man.

Hannah Brown showed up and helped him get through it as a close friend.

Now, he has dedicated his appearance on The Real Dirty Dancing to his mom, saying his dancing always made her happy.

“My mom’s always pushing me to take risks and go for it,” Cameron, 29, said. “She was the one who told me to go do The Bachelorette. She was my best friend. She was always my biggest support system. She was a superhero.”

The Real Dirty Dancing airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on Fox.

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