Tyler Cameron dating Paige Lorenze — Here’s what we know

Tyler Cameron
Tyler Cameron is dating someone new. Pic credit: ABC

Tyler Cameron, a past contestant and runner-up on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, has been linked to several celebrity women after the show.

The last woman he publicly dated was Camila Kendra, but they split about a year ago.

Now it appears that Tyler, who has also been linked to Gigi Hadid, has a new girl in his life. The former Bachelorette heartthrob contestant is now linked to model Paige Lorenze.

Tyler Cameron is dating Paige Lorenze

Very recently, a source close to the couple revealed to Us Weekly, “They’re dating. It’s still new. They are keeping it on the down-low.”

While Bachelor Nation fans aren’t sure how long this relationship has been heating up since Tyler and Paige have kept it pretty private, Tyler has seemed to move on since his past split with Camila.

Paige has also had some celebrity relationships, most recently with country star Morgan Wallen and, before that, Armie Hammer.

Tyler Cameron’s previous relationship with Camila Kendra

Tyler and Camila were together for eight months before their split about a year ago.

An Insider close to Tyler declared last August of 2021, “Things were going well until they weren’t. Friends were surprised things ended so quickly.”

Because Tyler has been in the public eye so scrupulously since being on The Bachelorette, he has also been pretty honest about his approach to dating, especially after his breakups were so public.

Back in February, when Tyler did an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, he shared, “Slow down! [On] The Bachelorette, you grow so fast in that relationship, like, you have to. And I think it kind of pushed me and my other relationships to kind of want to grow so fast, and it’s OK to slow down and take a breath.”

Tyler stated, “[That’s] something I have to work on and get better at. But yeah, slow down for sure.”

After his break-up with Camila, Tyler even claimed he was done dating for a while and wanted just to spend some time alone and with his dog.

He even said then, “If it comes, it comes. That’s kind of how it hit me last time. That’s how I like it to happen. …I’m in no rush right now. I’m so busy, so focused, and excited for this [year] – it’s gonna be a big year. I feel it, it’s gonna be good.”

It seems like maybe Tyler got his wish. Paige has come into his life this year, and he has moved on, even though their relationship has been on the down-low.

Bachelor Nation fans are rooting for Tyler, as he’s a franchise fan favorite.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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