Tyler Baltierra weight loss: See his amazing transformation

Tyler Baltierra from Teen Mom OG shows off the visible transformation after losing weight and getting in shape
Tyler Baltierra has been working hard on his fitness and it shows. Pic credit: @tylerbaltierra/Instagram

Tyler Baltierra has had a whirlwind year. With the new season of Teen Mom OG launching tonight, there is a lot for him to celebrate including his much healthier body.

Almost a year ago, Tyler Baltierra and his wife, Catelynn Lowell lost a baby. She had just announced she was expecting her third child with him and the two were excited to give Novalee a sibling. Unfortunately, Lowell suffered a miscarriage which triggered her downward spiral.

While Catelynn Lowell was in and out of rehab for a few months and through the holidays last year, Tyler Baltierra decided to work on himself as well. He decided to try and get back into shape. His determination and dedication have definitely paid off.

Recently, Tyler Baltierra showed his before and after photos and Teen Mom OG fans were stunned to see his progress. Altogether, he lost 45 pounds, dropping from 208 to a lean 163 in his latest photo.

While he didn’t appear to need to lose that much weight, Baltierra is glad to be where he is today. Tyler credits his weight loss and toned body to seven months of healthy eating coupled with workouts for the past three months.

It was recently announced that Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell are expecting their third child together.

The baby is rumored to be another little girl, though the couple has not confirmed that. Both were shocked to find out another baby was on the way but this time, this are going great.

As Tyler Baltierra documents his journey toward a healthier life, Teen Mom OG fans are following right along. The story of his love for Catelynn Lowell has inspired viewers and despite their troubled pasts and tragedies, the two have worked together to overcome every life obstacle thrown their way.

Teen Mom OG airs Monday nights a 9/8c on MTV.

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