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Top 10 most memorable fantasy suites in Bachelor history

Top 10 most memorable fantasy suite dates in Bachelor history
There have been some pretty dramatic and memorable moments during fantasy suites on The Bachelor and Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

Fantasy suites are the cheese to The Bachelor franchise’ macaroni. The peanut butter to its jelly. Without fantasy suites, it would just be 30 people trying to have the same conversation about “connection” and “gaining clarity” with a lead.

Fantasy suites kick things up a notch.

Even when a couple doesn’t plan on having sex (we’re looking at you, Luke Parker), things are still dramatic.

Fantasy suites are simply a hotel room where a producer has come in and thrown around condoms and rose petals.

But, in the grand scheme of Bachelor Nation, it’s a secret place where cameras aren’t allowed, and viewers have to wait for the tell-all book to know what went down.

1. Juan Pablo and Andi Dorfman argue

Andi Dorfamn looking serious as she speaks to Juan Pablo
Andi Dorfman breaks up with Juan Pablo Galavis during an angry conversation after their fantasy suite. Pic credit: ABC

Obviously, things did not go well between Juan Pablo Galavis and Andi Dorfman the morning after their fantasy suite.

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