Tom Sandoval compares his music to Vanderpump Rules co-stars, says ‘What I’m doing is bigger’

VPR star Tom Sandoval.
Tom Sandoval talks how his music compares to that of his Vanderpump Rules co-stars. Pic credit: ©

Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval isn’t known for being boring. In fact, he’s easily one of the hit show’s most “extra” cast members — no pun intended.

So, when Tom announced he would debut as frontman for a new cover band, it wasn’t all that surprising to watch it unfold.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Tom’s newest music venture was introduced with a dramatic video posted to social media that saw Tom’s fresh take on the classic song Working for the Weekend by Loverboy.

Since the initial announcement back in November 2021, Tom has gone on tour and added several new elements to the cover band, the latest of which is a trombonist.

Page Six managed to catch up with Tom at a recent gig in Agoura Hills, California.

According to the musician, what he’s produced musically is bigger than that of his Vanderpump Rules castmates, and he literally means it.

Tom Sandoval talks making ‘bigger’ music than his Vanderpump Rules castmates

While speaking to the outlet at his latest concert, Tom gushed that he and his band bring plenty to the table in terms of performance and musicality and confessed to knowing what he has accomplished is bigger than what his co-stars have previously released.

“I would say that what I’m doing is a bigger production and that’s why it’s called Tom Sandoval & the Most Extras because we’re f*****g extra as f**k,” he shared.

And he isn’t kidding. With the addition of the new trombonist, Tom & The Most Extras represent a massive ten-person band.

Tom didn’t perform to a crowd of strangers. Several of his Vanderpump Rules co-stars were in attendance for this performance at The Canyon alongside the show’s film crews. Ariana Madix, Katie Maloney, Scheana Shay, and Tom Schwartz were all in attendance.

In addition, Tom’s co-star and SUR DJ James Kennedy served as the opening act.

Speaking of Vanderpump Rules musical endeavors, Tom isn’t the first of the show’s stars to try out the music scene. As long-time fans will recall, Scheana Shay and Lala Kent have also dabbled in singing, both of their attempts played out on the show.

Tom & The Most Extras debut original material

While Tom and his band cover an array of songs from the 80s to today, their latest gig also included the debut of a new original song, the band’s first single called Superstars.

“I’m really, really proud of this song. It was originally more electronic and I sort of brought it into this full-band experience,” Tom noted. “I just love the dimension of it, the depth, the layers.”

The track has yet to be released on any streaming services, but it’s certainly in the cards.

As for how his original material holds up against his co-stars, Tom admits he’s found his niche and is comfortable leaving solely original material to other artists.

“Obviously, Lala, James, Scheana … they’ve done more original music. Look, I’m on a reality show, let’s be real. Me coming in and having people come out and want to listen to, like, 12 original tracks by me? Is that really a draw?” Tom questioned jokingly. “Do I really even want to put people through that?”

He concluded, “That’s the best part about being in a cover band is that people don’t have to come out and be into my s**t. They can be into their favorite songs, you know?”

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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