Tiffany Franco shares a heartwarming video of her son Daniel’s dad three years after his death

90 Day Fiance:Happily Ever After ? star Tiffany Franco shares video of son's dad who died three years ago
Tiffany Franco dishes on Daniel’s dad. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance viewers have fallen in love with Tiffany Franco’s son Daniel, who’s often the voice of reason whenever he appears on Happily Ever After? However, what many people don’t know is that Daniel’s father, Roger Ivan Ramos, has been dead for three years.

Tiffany honored the third anniversary of his death by sharing a video of him on social media.

Tiffany Franco pays tribute to her son’s father

The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star shared the touching social media post and judging by the comments, many people did not know Daniel’s dad had passed away.

While Tiffany did reveal the tragic news that Daniel’s biological father passed away back in 2019, it seems that many 90 Day Fiance fans missed it.

After first appearing on the show she explained the absence of Daniel’s dad in a post on Instagram which was later shared by In Touch.

A few hours ago, Tiffany honored his memory and wrote, “Just hit me today that it’s been three years. Well, we miss u too much.”

After posting the video, many people noted how much Daniel resembles his dad, but the majority of commenters revealed that they had no idea he was dead.
TLC viewers didn't know that Tiffany's son Daniel's dad was dead

However, Tiffany cleared up the confusion and noted that even when Roger was alive, he was never a part of Daniel’s life.

This would explain why Daniel refers to his stepdad Ronald Smith as “dad.” Tiffany also has a baby girl with Ronald but the couple is now estranged.

Tiffany Franco says son Daniel never really knew his dad

As the questions started to flood in following Tiffany’s video, she jumped in the comment section to share more information.

“He was not a part of Daniel’s life…when he was like two or three months old when he got baptized his dad visited him, I think once or twice more after that when he was like two and then when he was like four but that’s it,” explained the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star.

Tiffany shared that she and Daniel’s dad had an “understanding that he was going to pursue other things in his life and I was going to be Daniel’s parent…The way Daniel was born I only knew I was going to give birth 15 minutes before he was born so as much of a shock as it was to me it must have been to him.”

TLC star Tiffany Franco talks about son Daniel's dad
Pic credit:@tiffanyfrancosmith/Instagram

“I was ready to take on the responsibility but he never was and I accepted that,” she continued. “I was 18, there was a lot of things I could’ve done better but at the time I just took things as they came and I maintained a friendly relationship with him…”

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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