Tiffany Franco does adorable duet diss with daughter Carley

Tiffany Franco
Tiffany Franco and her daughter Carley made an entertaining video for 90 Day Fiance fans. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance alum Tiffany Franco recently shared a duet diss video with her three-year-old daughter Carley that showed off their attitudes.

Carley is Tiffany’s daughter from her relationship with South African native Ronald Smith, who is now estranged and seeking a divorce.

In the video, Tiffany, dressed in a pink robe with messy hair, brushed past Carley, nudged her a little bit, and walked away from the camera with her back turned. Carley stood facing the camera as Tiffany went passed her.

The scene then cut to a close-up of Tiffany’s face as she seemingly said to Carley over the action, “Excuse me brah,” as an audio clip played and she mouthed the words.

Carley then came into the frame by herself. As she put both her hands in the air and waved them forward as the audio said, “You’re excused.”

The next part of the scene was of Tiffany’s face close up again, trying to give an overly discerning look to the camera. The video moved back to Carley, who slowly turned around with an equally sassy look on her face as she mouthed the words, “And I’m not your brah.”

The camera panned to each of them again as they appeared to have a stare-down to act out the scene.

In the caption for the video shared with her 620k Instagram followers, Tiffany wrote, “I’m not ur BRAH we had so much fun doing this.”

Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith’s relationship history on 90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance viewers were first introduced to Tiffany and Ronald’s relationship in Season 1 of The Other Way when Tiffany and her son Daniel from a previous relationship went to South Africa intending to move there.

Tiffany and Ronald got married and quickly found out they were pregnant. However, Tiffany did not feel comfortable in South Africa and moved back to America, where she had Carley, in July 2019.

Since then, their rocky relationship played out on What Now?, Season 6 of Happily Ever After?, and Season 3 of 90 Day: The Single Life.

On social media, they have also been hot and cold, often throwing each other under the bus and slandering one another only to come back together and post loving things for each other.

Tiffany seems to be done with Ronald for good

During The Single Life Tell All, Tiffany revealed that she spent three disastrous months in South Africa with Ronald and Carley, trying to make their relationship work. She claimed to have found out that Ronald was seeing another woman and was receiving money from her, which Tiffany said was the last straw for her.

As Tiffany was spilling the tea, Ronald became angry with what she was saying and got heated enough to punch the camera, which shocked viewers and those on stage.

Tiffany claimed that she was done with Ronald and began the process of getting a divorce.

90 Day: The Single Life is currently on hiatus.