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Tiffany and Ronald aren’t getting divorced, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple trying to work things out

Tiffany Franco on 90 Day Fiance The Other Way
Tiffany Franco says she and Ronald are trying to work things out. Pic credit: TLC

Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way aren’t headed for divorce after all. At least not yet.

After posting a statement on Instagram last month, telling her followers that she and Ronald are calling it quits, Tiffany has doubled back and now says that she and Ronald are trying to work things out.

Considering the back and forth that went down after Tiffany told the world that she and her South African husband were headed for divorce, news that they are working on reconciliation is a bit surprising.

Tiffany and Ronald’s divorce backstory

After Tiffany made her statement in her Instagram story, Ronald did the same, telling his followers that he would be the one filing in South Africa because Tiffany never even registered their marriage in the United States. Then, he went on to make it sound like the split was Tiffany’s fault, throwing around claims of adultery.

That caused Tiffany to respond again, this time detailing their “toxic” relationship and how she just can’t trust Ronald, who has been putting her through quite a bit of stress as she claimed that he is still lying to her and that he had a gambling relapse in recent months.

Soon after, Ronald posted again, this time confirming that Tiffany is overbearing and bossy. He said that he tried to work with her and to tell her everything that he’s doing but that it’s never good enough. He even charged that he couldn’t go anywhere or have any fun because Tiffany wouldn’t let him.

Ronald also posted screenshots to “prove” that Tiffany even threatened to keep his kids away from him, something that Tiffany shared

The mudslinging between Tiffany and Ronald went back and forth until both sides deleted all of their Instagram stories except for Tiffany’s original statement where she said they were splitting up.

It was later revealed that the reason behind Tiffany and Ronald’s split was that he lied to her about where he was going, saying he was headed to a man named Jerome’s house when he actually went to spend time with a woman.

Tiffany even said that she put the breakup news on social media so that it would be final. After all, she said that she and Ronald had been on this roller coaster of fighting and then getting back together for some time now and she was just ready for it to stop.

Tiffany Franco has a change of heart

Now, just weeks later, Tiffany has made it clear that she and Ronald aren’t actually calling it quits. Instead, she said during a recent Instagram Q&A that they are trying to work things out and that right now, their future is uncertain. However, when she did make the divorce announcement, she did mean it.

Tiffany doesn't know what the future will hold with Ronald Smith
Tiffany says she was sure they were done when she posted it. Pic credit: @tiffanyfrancosmith/Instagram

Tiffany also shared that she didn’t believe Ronald really planned to file for divorce.

Tiffany reveals that Ronald never was going to file for divorce
Tiffany reveals that Ronald never was going to file for divorce. Pic credit: @tiffanyfrancosmith/Instagram

And just today, Tiffany revealed that Ronald will be seeing his kids in “just a few days.”

Tiffany Franco headed back to South Africa
Despite their recent drama, it looks like Tiffany and the kids are headed back to South Africa. Pic credit: @tiffanyfrancosmith/Instagram

So it doesn’t look like Tiffany and Ronald are really headed for divorce after their explosive fight back in January. Hopefully, this 90 Day Fiance couple can find a way to make things work.

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