Thomas Jacobs doesn’t regret The Bachelorette behavior: ‘You can’t please everyone’

Thomas Jacobs stands shirtless on the beach
Thomas Jacobs says he gained valuable perspective on The Bachelorette Season 17. Pic credit: ABC

Thomas Jacobs built up a notorious reputation on The Bachelorette Season 17 and, despite quickly becoming the most hated man in the house, Thomas has no regrets. 

Recently, Thomas spoke with the Talking It Out podcast to share what he’s learned from being on The Bachelorette and why he wouldn’t change anything about his experience. 

Thomas Jacobs admits he didn’t stay true to himself 

During his time on The Bachelorette, Thomas came under fire for his desire to be the next Bachelor and for his suspiciously rushed declaration of love to Katie Thurston. His sincerity was questioned by the men in the house as well as Katie, who eventually sent Thomas home in a brutal fashion.

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Speaking with the Talking It Out hosts, Bryan Abasolo and Mike Johnson, Thomas stood by his belief that he wasn’t trying to hurt anyone, and he got candid about the way people-pleasing contributed to his downfall on the show.

Thomas shared, “You’re not going to please everybody. One of the reasons why I think things went so sideways for me [was] because I was running around trying to make everyone as happy as possible at all times and, more often than not, if you’re doing that, you’re doing it at the sacrifice of yourself.” 

Thomas claims to have learned some valuable lessons since being on the show, including the importance of sticking by your “foundational principles” and staying true to your character. Thomas explained that his decision to emotionally dive into this experience like a “bull in a china shop” backfired, saying, “it just didn’t work because I wasn’t true to who I was.”

Thomas expressed learning that, “Anything that you do, how you show up here is how you show up everywhere and that’s why in all of this, I wouldn’t change a damn thing because of the perspective that it gave.”

Thomas Jacobs changes his tune about being the next Bachelor 

Some viewers might find it surprising that Thomas carries no regrets but Thomas further explained why he’s proud of the way he conducted himself.

He told the podcast, “The reason why I don’t have any qualms about going through the journey I went through is…I feel that I stayed levelheaded, I didn’t call anyone out [their] name, I showed respect even when things were coming at me very, very directly and I can say that I’m proud of the way things were handled and all I can do is try to share love with the guys.” 

While on The Bachelorette, Thomas was accused of being on the show with the intent of becoming the Bachelor. However, when recently questioned about being the next Bachelor, Thomas had an interesting response. 

Regarding being the Bachelor, Thomas revealed, “My personal favorite flower is a sunflower. I’m sticking to that side of things. I’m done with roses.” 

It seems Thomas is no longer interested in being the next Bachelor, but Thomas isn’t completely done with roses because he may still have a few roses left to give and receive on this current season of Bachelor in Paradise. 

The Bachelorette returns Tuesday, October 19 at 8/7c on ABC. 

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