These Bachelor Nation women are trying out the ‘fake bangs’ trend

Bachelor Nation women
Bachelor Nation women are trying out the new fad — fake bangs. Pic credit: @ashley_iaconetti/Instagram

A few of the Bachelor Nation women are trying out a new trend that has recently come out – fake bangs.

If you aren’t sure whether you want to commit to actual bangs, or like in Ashley Iaconetti’s case, if you want to hide some forehead acne, then fake bangs might be for you.

These bangs clip into your hair, and along with Ashley, both Becca Tilley and Amanda Stanton from Bachelor Nation have tried them as well.

These alums have taken to their Instagram page or their Instagram stories to talk about them, show them off, or give tutorials on using them.

Becca Tilley posted a picture of herself and Amanda Stanton with the fake bangs

Becca had written on her Instagram stories, “If you want bangs but are scared to commit, get clip in bangs. They’re pretty good! I found them through Ashley and they’re from Amazon.”

She went on to declare, “I just guessed my color, it was the only semi-red color. And honestly, the clip in bangs are a moment!”

Becca Tilley posts a photo of her with fake bangs on.
Pic credit: @beccatilley/Instagram

While Amanda also tried them out on her IG story, she wasn’t quite on board like Becca and Ashley were. She is definitely pro-fake bangs, but she didn’t think they looked right on her.

However, Becca disagreed with her and told her so in her story as she stated, “Amanda you’d look cute with any hairstyle, color, or cut!”

Amanda Stanton tries out the fake bangs look but isn't sure about them on herself.
Pic credit: @beccatilley/Instagram

Ashley posted a video, talking about how she is happy to have the fake bangs to hide her forehead acne. And apparently, the other women loved them so much on her that they decided they needed to try the fad themselves.

In Ashley’s video of how to use the clip-in bangs, viewers loved what they saw and asked more questions about the fake bangs.

Viewers loved the look and had some questions

One fan asked, “Where can we buy these? Super cute (red heart),” and another person answered her by giving her the Amazon link to them. Ashley also responded and wrote, “@mrsbucketlist in my story.”

Ashley Iaconetti's fans loved her clip-in bangs look and wanted to know where to buy them.
Pic credit: @ashley_iaconetti/Instagram

While fans were also super interested in the foundation Ashley was using in her video to tame down her forehead acne, they also loved the look of bangs. Another viewer wrote, “I have a high forehead and would love bangs … but bangs actually GIVE me forehead acne. Maybe clip in bangs would help?”

Another woman wrote in response to the first, “The hair wouldn’t have natural oils to make you break out, I’m sure they’d be a better option,” to which the first viewer stated, “that’s what I was thinking, too.”

Ashley Iaconetti's fans talked about getting these fake bangs for high foreheads.
Pic credit: @ashley_iaconetti/Instagram

It sounds like Ashley might have something going on here. She was able to influence Becca and Amanda to try it out, and the more Bachelor Nation alums who see these photos will probably venture out as well.

Because viewers tend to try to trend and emulate the celebrities, too, this fad just may catch on and take off in the world of Bachelor Nation as well.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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