The Voice reveals the final teams heading into the competition

The Voice judges
The Voice judges. Pic credit: NBC

The Voice shared a special episode on Tuesday night

The episode started off with a jokey introduction where Kelly Clarkson said she can’t believe the live voting is already here.

That is when the judges wondered if there should be a show that reminds everyone of what happened to lead to this part of the season.

After that, Blake Shelton looked at the camera and said there should be and it went into a recap show of what has happened so far this season.

With that finished, next week starts the live voting rounds for the teams that Ariana Grande, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend have formed.

Team Blake’s live voting teams

Team Blake‘s team came down to some tough decisions and one key steal in the last Knockout competition of that round.

Blake is heading into The Voice playoffs with Wendy Moten, Libianca, Lana Scott, Peedy Chavis, and Paris Winningham.

Paris was part of John Legend’s team and Black stole him with the final steal of the Knockouts.

It is an interesting lineup with Lana as the country star, Peedy as someone very unique, Paris as a soul singer, and two powerful women in Wendy Moten and Libianca.

Here is a look at one of Blake’s tough decisions, as he had to send one young country singer to keep Lana Scott.

Team Ariana’s live voting teams

Ariana Grande came into the playoffs with a team that seemed to rip her heart out to form. Every time she sent someone home, Ariana looked like she was losing a child.

Team Ariana includes Raquel Trinidad, Ryleigh Plank, Bella DeNapoli, Jim & Sasha Allen, and Holly Forbes.

Grande stole Forbes from Kelly Clarkson’s team after the singer lost out to Girl Named Tom. Ariana also lost David Vogel, who John Legend saved after he lost to Plank.

Here is that impressive Ryleigh Plank vs. David Vogel Knockouts match.

Team Kelly’s live voting teams

Kelly Clarkson is heading into the live voting playoffs with a strong team.

Team Kelly consists of Gymani, Girl Named Tom, Hailey Mia, Jeremy Rosado, and Katie Rae.

Kelly stole Katie Rae from Ariana Grande after she lost a tough match to Raquel Trinidad. Kelly had a singer stolen as well, when Ariana took Holly Forbes after she lost to Girl Named Tom.

Here is that Girl Named Tom vs. Holly Forbes match.

Team Legend’s live voting teams

John Legend has a team that he hopes will lead him to an upset win in the 21st season of The Voice, even though his own wife said he has no chance.

His team features Joshua Vacanti, Samuel Harness, Shadale, Jershika Maple, and David Vogel.

Team Legend stole David Vogel from Ariana Grande. He also had someone stolen, when Blake took Paris Winninghamn after he lost to Jershika Maple.

Here is the Jershika vs. Paris matchup.

The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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