The Traitors 2 sneak peeks: Sandra shoots daggers at Parvati, Janelle puts herself first

Sandra The Traitors
Survivor winner Sandra Diaz-Twine also came close to winning The Traitors 2. Pic credit: Peacock

Clips from the first few episodes of The Traitors 2 have dropped online.

These sneak peeks allow viewers to see spicy footage ahead of the episode drop at Peacock.

With 21 celebrities competing for a prize fund worth up to $250,000, drama is to be expected.

And drama comes out immediately in the clips popping up on social media.

The first three episodes of The Traitors 2 arrive on the evening of Friday, January 12. That’s when people can begin binge-watching the series.

Rather than have a mixture of celebrities and regular folks like in the first season for Season 2, the producers only chose celebrities.

Here is a cast list for The Traitors 2, which includes people from Big Brother, Love Island USA, Survivor, The Bachelor, and many other shows.

Parvati Shallow and Sandra Diaz-Twine from Survivor meet again

Survivor winners Parvati Shallow and Sandra Diaz-Twine have co-starred together in two separate seasons. Each lady has also won Survivor, with Sandra owning the title of the only woman to do it twice.

In the clip below, Sandra doesn’t seem pleased to be in the same room as Parvati, and those appear to be daggers coming from her eyes.

Parvati also recently announced she is in a relationship with standup comedian Mae Martin.

Janelle Pierzina is in it for herself?

Big Brother legend Janelle Pierzina is featured in the clip below. It appears that members of The Traitors 2 cast are competing in a challenge, and Janelle decides to help herself before her teammates.

It looks like Janelle wants to win The Traitors 2 and will stop at nothing to do it.

Real Housewives on The Traitors 2

Below is a clip from The Traitors 2 featuring two women from The Real Housewives. Can they work together? Or will they add more drama to the show?

Tamra Judge also shaded the RHOC cast ahead of The Traitors premiere. Will her time on The Real Housewives of Orange County prepare her to win The Traitors 2?

Bergie from Love Island USA gets nervous

In another sneak peek from the first night of The Traitors 2, Bergie from Love Island USA appears to get flustered during a chat. Can he keep it together this season? Would the producers make him a Traitor?

More news and notes from The Traitors 2

Here is The Traitors 2 episode schedule. It includes all release dates for future episodes this winter.

For fans new to the show, here is everything you need to know for The Traitors 2.

The Traitors 2 debuts on January 12 on NBC.

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