The Other Way Spoiler: Steven and Alina have an awkward first night together

Steven and Alina
Alina will have different expectations than Steven about their first night together. Pic credit: TLC

After being reunited on the upcoming episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, new young couple Steven and Alina will spend their first night together, but it will be unexpectedly awkward.

It seems that Alina thinks they will be spending their time growing their bond since it’s the only night Steven plans on staying with her. Steven, on the other hand, has a different perception of sharing an emotionally intimate night together.

There were some warning signs from Steven that staying in the place together might not go smoothly. His original plan entailed staying in two separate places so that he would minimize the temptation to have sex with Alina. This idea did not go over well with Alina who says she did not leave everything behind and move to another country to spend time apart from Steven.

Steven compromised and said he would spend the first night with her.

Alina will share her expectations and disappointments about her first night with Steven Johnston

During the trailer for next week’s episode, a clip of Steven sitting on the bed with Alina was shown, and then Steven proceeded to pull out a book of Russian scriptures and begin reading them to Alina which prompted the awkwardness.

Alina expressed what she had hoped would happen and relayed her disappointment.

She said, “The first night with Steven wasn’t like I was expected. I thought the first night was going to be much cuter.”

Alina and Steven
Alina will be disappointed at Steven’s intentions for their first night together. Pic credit: TLC

It’s possible that Steven won’t recognize and appreciate Alina’s dissatisfaction with their first night, and that could spell trouble.

Alina has a lot of hopes for their time together in Turkey with Steven before they commit to marriage so Steven will have to work at checking off all her boxes.

How will Alina react to Steven Johnston’s admission that he has slept with other girls?

Steven has something he needs to come clean to Alina about, and that’s that he has been sexually active before. The admission goes against the pillars of his faith and will likely break Alina’s trust. Alina has remained a virgin and expected Steven to do the same.

Alina already has serious trust issues with Steven. Enough issues to try and have her friend catfish him online to find out if he is faithful. So if that is an indicator, then she probably won’t react well to the news.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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