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The ground at The Bachelor mansion always looks wet — Here’s why

Bachelor Mansion
Why is the ground in front of the Bachelor mansion wet? Pic credit: ABC

During the first episodes of each season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, fans have so much to take in.

From trying to learn the men and women’s names to listening to their backstories, to watching the leading guy or girl prepare for their journey to find love.

But have you ever wondered, as some viewers have, why, when the limos pull up, and the contestants get out, the pavement looks wet?

What is the reason that The Bachelor driveway looks wet?

It turns out that quite a few Bachelor fans have wondered why the ground at Bachelor mansion always looks wet and it’s not an accident, nor did it recently rain.

When the women show up to meet The Bachelor, they always wear formal gowns that are long and typically drag on the ground. Moreover, the dress shoes they wear with the gowns are typically heels of some sort.

If women are walking in high heels, on a wet surface, there could be many slips and/or falls. It’s actually shocking that there haven’t been more women sliding and toppling over.

Ali Fedotowsky knows all about this potential hazard

Ali Fedotowsky was on Season 14 of The Bachelor, with Jake Pavelka as the leading man, as well as The Bachelorette for Season 6.

She personally addressed the wet pavement when she told E! News, “The producers wet the pavement with a hose before the limos arrive… It makes it look shiny and pretty! But if you have a long gown on it gets soaked!”

Bachelor Nation fans react to this news

On Instagram, @bachelor_dishes_the_dirt reposted this information as they captioned it with, “Yikes….. how uncomfortable would that be in a wet gown all night???”

One fan had an interesting thought that maybe production came up with this particular idea to potentially cause more drama if one or more of the contestants were to slip and fall.

This was evident as she claimed, “Well, that’s silly. I don’t think anyone cares about the pavement looking shiny. I’d prefer the dresses don’t get ruined and no one slips! But I obviously don’t think like the producers. Perhaps they’re hoping it will somehow cause more drama.”

Another viewer simply stated, “What a  waste of water,” wondering why the producers would even think about doing this.

Bachelor Nation viewers don't think the water on the pavement is a good idea.
Pic credit: @bachelor_dishes_the_dirt/Instagram

Regardless of whether or not fans think this is a stupid idea, a funny idea, or an idea to bring on more drama, at least now viewers know that the pavement looks like it’s wet the entire time because it is, in fact, sprayed down numerous times during those limo entrances.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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