The Golden Bachelor viewers take aim at Gerry Turner for telling all the women he loves them

Gerry Turner and Faith Martin on The Golden Bachelor
Gerry Turner is under fire for what he said on The Golden Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

The Golden Bachelor has been a huge hit, and we can definitely expect a Season 2 after watching Gerry Turner capture viewers’ hearts.

He was easily winning fans over week after week.

Until Hometown Dates, that is!

Gerry got to meet the families and see how Faith Martin, Leslie Fhima, and Theresa Nist live in an effort to decide if his life would mesh well with theirs as he heads toward his final decision.

He had an amazing time with all three women, which surely will make that decision even harder.

Now, he’s being called out by The Golden Bachelor viewers for a major Bachelor Nation faux pas, though, because Gerry declared his love for two of the women while he was visiting them instead of saving it for the end.

Bachelor Nation takes aim at Gerry Turner’s big mistake

It’s not the first time a Bachelor star has declared his love for more than one woman.

With emotions running high, it actually happens more than it should.

Ben Higgins even came to Gerry’s defense after watching the episode. He knows what it’s like, considering he told Lauren and JoJo that he loved them during his season — and he took a lot of heat for it.

Now, it’s Gerry’s turn, and The Golden Bachelor viewers are not amused. They definitely expected more from the 72-year-old star.

One fan of the show took to X (formerly known as Twitter) and wrote, “i really did not think we would run into the problem of gerry telling multiple women he was in love with them what a plot twist.”

The photo of Justin Glaze looking wide-eyed and shocked is immaculate.

Another shared their reaction to the abundance of love, writing, “Me every time we get to the final 3 and the ‘I love you’s start coming out.”

They used a photo of Jake Johnson that said, “What you think you can have a bunch of wives? You got one wife!”

Even Whoopi Goldberg had something to say about it on The View on Friday. In a tweet from the show’s official account, they wrote, “SAYING ‘I LOVE YOU’ TOO SOON? After Gerry from the #GoldenBachelor was spreading the love around on Thursday night’s episode, #TheView co-hosts weigh in.”

The ladies seemed to enjoy discussing whether or not Gerry was moving too fast, with Whoopi pointing out that the whole season took about a month to film. Check out the clip.

The Golden Bachelor viewer predicts Gerry’s abundance of love predicts The Golden Bachelorette lead

Could Gerry Turner’s behavior during the Hometown Dates predict which woman will lead The Golden Bachelorette? The spinoff of this spinoff still hasn’t been greenlit, but we’re expecting an announcement soon — likely at the Women Tell All or After the Final Rose.

One viewer claims that the star will be either Faith Martin or Leslie Fhima after Gerry confessed to both of them that he loves them.

They believe whichever one it is will be given the “Gerry said he loves me but didn’t pick me” storyline that we’ve seen happen time and again on The Bachelor, and that makes perfect sense.

It would also completely ignore previous calls to have Susan Noles, Ellen Goltzer or Joan Vassos take the top spot.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Ann kynr
Ann kynr
8 months ago

Of course we all know he should not have told more than one woman that he loved them because when he sends them home it’s the old adage just like the past shows you said you love me I can’t believe you sent me home you should not have told me that you love me if you weren’t going to pick me because these women think when you tell them that you love them that means you’re picking them so Jerry did great up to now but telling two women that he loved them that was like a big huge no no so here comes the big conversations on women tell all where everybody’s fussing and complaining even the family members oh you told my mom or you told my sister or you told my grandma that you loved her and then you didn’t pick her that’s just not right here we go